Why do Men Cheat? Let’s hear it from the Men!

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There’s no excuse for middle-aged men cheating on their partner, although lots of guys think that cheating is justified under certain circumstance, especially when they’ve reached midlife crisis point and been married for a good many years. Some women probably share the same views, but we’ll let them write and discuss that on their own websites, blogs, and forums.

Apparently man is hardwired by evolution to, well, be a man. There is still a somewhat animal instinct within him that nags his conscious mind to go forth and multiply in the name of genetic survival. “I can’t help myself”, he may cry.

Having said that, there is still many a man that does help himself and never strays from the martial nest. But is he really such a rare beast?

How many men Cheat?

Perhaps 99.9% of men cheat with their minds at some time during their marriage. Those who put their thoughts into actions (in western societies), averages at about 40%, and according to recent studies, this has been about the same since similar research done in 1950.

But 40% is a lot of guys seeking sexual gratification outside of their ‘committed’ relationships, and one can’t but wonder how many more would be unfaithful partners if the opportunity to cheat presented itself.

The Top10 Common Reasons Men give for Cheating are:

1. We men just crave sexual variety. It’s as simple as that, say the male cheaters.

2. The wife has lost interest, but I haven’t and I have NEEDS you know!

3. It’s our ego and it needs boosting occasionally. The buzz from cheating does just that.

4. Because I can! When ess-ee-ex is offered on a plate, out I just can’t say NO!

5. My partner has let herself go. I just can’t fancy her anymore. Not even drink helps.

6. My Bat and balls told me to cheat, and the little head makes all my sexual decisions.

7. It’s a revenge thing! I need to get back at her for something and cheating works.

8. I was drunk! It might be a lame excuse, but it’s true nonetheless.

9. I love my wife, and I’m happily married, but god it’s boring sometimes!

10. I know the wife will forgive me if she finds out, so what’s to lose?


Unfaithful Couple in BedSo, looking at the top 10 reasons as to why men cheat in the twenty-first century, we have the following: sexual variety, unresponsive partner, ego, weakness, neglect, the one-eyed monster, revenge, alcohol, boredom, and forgiveness.

We’re not here to defend unfaithful men or to offer justifiable excuses for such conduct. However, when speaking to these guys, especially the over 40s who have been with partners a good while, they tend to think that many marriages SURVIVE, not FAIL, because of latent cheating.

A happy marriage where disloyalty is never an issue is the perfect model, but perfection is not something that the majority of couples can sustain in the long term. Can they?

Got something to say about disloyal men? Please leave your comments below.

By Toby Strowger | 50ish Site Contributor
Toby Strowger is a men’s lifestyle writer for 50ish.org

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Readers Comments

    David Bonnie says:

    “Show me a gorgeous, desirable, sexy woman and I will show you a guy who is bored of hitting it”

    Boredom and the desire for some new flesh is the honest and only real answer for both men and women who I believe cheat in equal measure.

    Skinnyribs50 says:

    Never mind men. Why do women cheat?

    Eastend Pete says:

    You’re right Rene. It takes 2 to tangle. It’s often the case that cheaters cheat, and that means a cheater will often cheat with a cheater. I do think that the gooseberry puddin are equally as bad as the Geezers out there.

    How do i know? ‘Cus me and me mates have all cheated at various times in the past (ashamed to say), with someone else’s misses.

    ~ EP

      Jan says:

      I cannot beleive you would openly admit that to a world of strangers.
      What’s wrong with you people?

    Rene says:

    I don’t think there are any more cheating men than women. I might be wrong, but the men have got to be cheating with someone – right? And how many of the women they cheat with are single?

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