Are you a Typical Mr. Henpecked?

He gives her his hard earned money and she gives him an allowance. He only meets up with his buddies occasionally, but only after getting her permission. He does as he’s told or faces the consequences! Is he a pushover or just an easy going guy?

Henpecked Man

The Ladyboys of Modern Society!

We’re living in a world, it seems, where the women are becoming more like men than men themselves, but is there any escape from a life sentence at Henpecked Prison?

Keep reading to see if you are losing, or have lost, the alpha male footing in your marriage.

Who Wears the Trousers in your House?

Not so long ago a man was a man and a woman was, well, a woman! If this first sentence has already ruffled your feathers then you are most likely a very henpecked middle-aged man.

You see, one of the first signs of a Dave becoming Daisy is denial, and with that denial comes an over-sensitivity and a strong defense for something he says doesn’t exist.

When two people first become an item, it is usually the male that calls the shots and protects his fair lady with his manly manner. Your average young fellow will show-off a bit too, and stamp his authority on the fledgling relationship.

She is his Damsel and he is her Knight in Shining Armour

Despite the equalling of roles in modern times, young couples still embrace this ‘natural’ phenomenon in their new and inexperienced relationships. He will continue to wear the trousers until she’s able to groom him into the man she would really like him to be.

This process often takes years of careful manipulation. This is why the majority of very henpecked men are middle-aged and older.

A lot of men over 40 try to justify being bullied by Bev through boasting to mates that there is a shrewd method behind their apparent weakness.

Our man may say that the only reasons he lets the ‘Lady of the House’ get her own way are:

  • It keeps harmony in the home
  • It gets him his night-time treats
  • She lets him go for a drink with his mates once in a while

Well, if a man has got to do as he’s told in order to have a happy home life, then he’s certainly not the one wearing the trousers in that house!

Are you a Puppet on a String?

Do you not think that a henpecked man in the throes of middle-age is a sad sight? Perhaps you are one of them and are genuinely happy to be nagged and manipulated into obedience by wifey? But if so, why are you reading this page? Secretly trying to find a way out perhaps?

One thing is certain though. Any man who flinches or squints with fear or unease every time the lady raises her voice, has just lost another piece of his alpha male footing. It may be that he has more estrogen (the female hormone), than he has testosterone (the male hormone), racing around in his body. Why else would he allow the tables to be turned on him?

Thai Dating

Typical Signs of becoming a Henpecked Harry

Throughout the ages women have been manipulative with their menfolk in their own subtle ways. Twenty-first century women have become so adept at controlling Chris that most don’t even know they’re doing it, but there are a number of give-away sings that it’s happening.

Superficial tears have always work wonders, even with a manly man. Then there’s the manipulative bedtime card always hiding up the proverbial sleeve. And let’s not forget the spontaneous kindness and buttering up when she wants something badly enough. All these are cunning, scheming methods used in the grooming process as the female attempts to turn the tables and transform the Man of the House into a Henpecked Hubby.

I don’t think I’m Henpecked. I just like to see my Wife Happy

A man has just as much right to be happy in a relationship as a woman does, but research has proven that henpecked men are not really a very contented bunch. If a man doesn’t think he’s henpecked (denial, remember), then he most probably is. A man who doesn’t even address the issue is most likely still the man of the household.

What’s so wrong being ‘Man of the House?’

Both men and women have roles in a relationship and it should not be deemed politically incorrect to say as much. It is certainly not a chauvinistic belief, as many women like to think it is. We are, in actual fact, quite different animals and should have our place within a marriage.

No position in a relationship is better or worse than the other, but they are different nonetheless. It has only been the last 2 generations where women have wanted to become more like men than men themselves, thus making the woman the new man.

You wouldn’t see this in Granny’s Day!

Today’s women wear big watches, flat shoes, and pinstriped suits that display Montblanc pens peeping out from top pockets. With shoulders out, and bras that flatten, they go about their business with a newfound confidence that dares any man to challenge them.

Today’s man, on the other hand, does not wear stockings, pretty blouses, nor does he have a handbag strapped over his shoulder as he struts into the workplace wondering if his bum looks big in his newly acquired pencil skirt. See, manipulation of roles once again.

We are what we Wear!

They called this masculine acceptable dress code for women ‘unisex clothing’. But we men know that it was the green light of a feminist fashion movement that allowed women to wear men’s clothes without being ridiculed, and why? Because men’s clothing gave them a harder edge, a bit more of an authoritarian stance, and that in turn helped speed up the changing roles of women in modern society.

Alas, the henpecked male is on the increase. It will only be a matter of time now before he starts shaving his legs and armpits at the weekends as she glides a Gillette razor over her face and neck before breakfast. The roles in relationships are being tipped upside down and remodelled beyond all recognition, and their ain’t nothing we can do to stop it.

Just wait and see, if we keep going the way we are doing, then it’s very likely that a generation from now some of the best looking women on the planet are going to be men!

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Readers Comments

    LouLou says:

    Henpecked men break my heart. I’m a smart, beautiful, single, 30+ (we’ll just leave it that…) single woman. Why am I single? I have no idea, but sometimes I think it’s because men secretly like being treated like garbage. Well, I refuse to do it! Comments by women such as, “He’s trainable,” and “I like him because he’ll have a good job” make me sick!

    I’ll never encourage anyone to get divorced, but I will say this: guys, consider dumping your frumpy, flat-chested, bossy girlfriend for a real woman who will treat you like the kings that you are! Life is too short. You’ve seen those couples at the grocery store, bickering over mundane tasks like choosing between brown or white eggs. Do you want that to be your life???

    Think it over, then give me a call… 😉 😉

    Louiseparry says:

    Unfortunately my dad is henpecked.

    I was shocked when I went to his house, he does all the cooking, cleaning,
    washing up and his wife just sits in the chair, she is definately the
    lasiest woman I have ever met. She never makes a drink for guests,he does
    all the domestic stuff.He has to do everything, shopping because she
    can t drive.

    His cooking is ok,but now he is in his 70 s and she still doesn t do anything.
    She managed to make a ham sandwich and then acted like she had done
    something amazing and we should all praise her.I could nt believe it.

    Even when we went there for christmas he had to make the christmas dinner
    and she supervised and it took hours and I was dreading what it would taste
    like, when he was with my mum he never did any cooking or anything.

      Louiseparry says:

      It is very difficult to see him on his own she always has to tag along.

      She has no hobbies, interests, just relies on him to chauffeur her everywhere.
      My brother never visits them as he can t stand her.

      He has lost contact with his sisters because she doesn t like him seeing
      his family, unless she decides.

      Neither of them have got any friends outside which they can meet up with.

        Louiseparry says:

        He has got some friends throught his volunteering work and that is the
        ony time he manages to have time on his own. He is a kind and caring man
        but she is just selfish and lazy.

        He is at her beck and call all the time and I don t like the way
        she treats him, if she doesn t get her own way on things, she sulks
        or has tantrums like a three year old. it is unbelivable how a grown adult can act that way.

    Jim Garner says:

    I am not a married man, I’ve been single all my life, and lived with my mother all my life until she died last year 5/16/2015.I had to get a one bedroom apartment because i couldn’t afford to live where i was at ( a house ) after my mother died.I am now 50 years old,and i can definitely relate to what all you men are saying,especially what Ted said about women in the UK being hard as nails, and to just try to change them and outverbalize them, and just see how far you get.I agree with him, you don’t get very far.Here’s my point,I am a gentle, easygoing,softspoken man,but here’s my problem.I have an older sister who,when i first moved in to my apartment,she was telling me what to do all the time,she’s 65 years old.Susan is very outspoken,opinionated,and if you have any difference of opinion with her, forget it.I told her, don’t give me a hard time, she went off on a tangent on me,would’nt let me talk, and made me feel bad.She said things like,”you should clean up the clutter in your apartment,and you should take a shower everyday,and you should eat more fruits and vegetables.Then,she told me”you took advantage of mom, and I’m not going to help you if you spend money on things you don’t need.I’m a 50 year old man and i resent her talking to me that way,but if i try to stand up to her,she just gets hyper and talks loudly right over me.My mom was so different from her,and she was so reassuring and softspoken, she understood exactly how i felt, i miss her so much,god bless her soul.If only more women would be more like my mom and less like my sister,us men wouldn’t have to feel so bad.Sorry for rambling on and on like this,and i know I’ve never been married, but do you guys see what i’m saying, because believe me,i know or have some idea how you guys feel.Well,i best be going now,bye you guys,nice talking to you.

    Vic DeSalvo says:

    I know a guy who is so henpecked that if he makes plans with another fellow and doesn’t submit the plans to his wife for approval, that those plans can and will be overridden by any plans the wife makes if they conflict. If his pal really wants to firm up some plans, he really needs to make the plans directly with the guys wife. All the guy needs is a halter top and some lace panties. He probably wears a dress when he loafs around the house.

      Andy Aitch says:

      Personally Vic, I wouldn’t, couldn’t, tolerate being henpecked in the privacy of my own home, let alone in public or in front of others. I actually see it as a form of bullying by the woman (as daft as that might sound to some).

      But having said that, I do think a harmonious relationship is all about compromise and mutual respect, meaning there will be times when both parties will have to bend a little in order to keep things sweet (perhaps a little less common among longer relationships).

      But I also believe that “some men” enjoy being henpecked, and if that’s the case, and they really don’t mind, then they have the relationship they want – I guess. Not that I’m an expert of relationships of course, and all my opinions are owned only by me 😉

      Andy Aitch

    TedMore says:

    Henpecked men have only got themselves to blame for all this, silly sods! Guys have allowed women to become they way they are by embracing that stupid ‘New Man’ role that so many women insist on. That’s what i think.

    Samuel says:

    Wot does it matter who wears the trousers in a relationship? Whatever arrangement makes the couple happy is the only thing that matters.

    OzEila says:

    Mates, it sounds to me like you blokes are what we call over here winging poms. Down under, an aussie sheila knows here place and she wouldn’t have it any other way. We’ve never even heard of the word henpecked for crying out loud.

      Eastend Pete says:

      What a load of old codswallop. I lived in Australia for nearly 3 years and I can tell you from experience that those women down there have got their men (Bruce’s they call them), exactly where they blooming well want them. If they ain’t’ slaving over the BBQ they’re cleaning the bloody thing out. She has him doing the gardening, cleaning the windows, and a lot of the blokes do the big weekly shop on their own too why she gives it large on the ole dog and bones nattering to her china plates.

      The Kiwis might wear the trousers in their house but the Aussie mates? Nar, they’re about a feral as a dead kitten.

      ~ EP

    Jed says:

    Hey 50ish, if you spent just day with my misses, i guarantee you would be henpecked into submission by supper. I guarantee it, 100% Whoever wrote this piece sounds like a right ole Mr. henpecked to me. It’s usually the ones that know so much about something that are the worse. It’s a bit like the anti-gay mob, they tend to be more fluffy that the open ones, not that they’d admit it of course.

      TedMore says:

      I agree with Jed. There are those woman (speaking about the UK women here), that are as hard as nails and I challenge any man to try and tame one. You couldn’t beat most of them in physical figth let anlone a verbal one.


        Andy Aitch says:

        If you granddads could hear you now LOL. Maybe it’s got something to do with the type of work guys do these days. I mean, it’s all pen pushing and keyboard tapping. Hardly the kind of work that’ll put hairs on your chest.

        Today’s men are like guests in what was once a woman dominated workplace. No wonder they’re running the show.

        Andy Aitch (webmaster)

      Dave says:

      Jed is right. But my response to spending that day with her would be much different… I’d leave. Divorce unless she amends.

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