Our 6 BIG Questions for God. What would you ask?


There has been pain and suffering here on earth since the dawn of time. Humans that have faith in the ‘heavens above’ genuinely believe that much of the misery that occurs is the just authority of a divine being. Others will say that such beliefs come from warped minds!

Questions for GodWHO’S YOUR GOD – TODAY?

Gods and religions come and go, that’s just a simple fact. Whatever religious convictions we have going on today, will undoubtedly be replaced with something quite different in a few hundred, or couple of thousand years from now. That’s just the way it’s always been and will most likely continue to be.


Perhaps the biggest sceptics of religion are rebellious teens and middle-aged men. True believers don’t question their deity, though non-believers have plenty they’d like to ask, and ask they do, though rarely are the answers satisfactory – to them!

There are basically 3 camps when it comes to Gods and Religion.


There are people who firmly believe in one of the many gods branded by the innumerable faiths of this world. They’re the True Believers, and most are unwavering in their convictions.


There are others who neither believe nor disbelieve. These people keep an open mind, which means they’re accessible to persuasion if one of the other sides can convince them – with hard evidence – the existence or non-existence of a deity. Swaying an agnostic is no easy feat, and will depend largely on whether his mindset is closer to atheism or belief.


The atheists are the ones that think the whole god concept is the stuff of fairy tales. They find it almost comical that adult men and women in the 21st century actually have an invisible friend. These humanist types tend to think that life exists purely by a series of chemical accidents and biological mutations which have taken place over a long period of evolution.

Fact: Everything we humans know about god and religious teachings comes out of books written by humans for humans to read. Millions embrace the scriptures whereas millions of others can’t. People either form a relationship with a god of their understanding or they don’t. It all comes down to what they choose to believe, or not, from the written words.

Atheists, Agnostics, and True Believers all share one thing in common though, and that is THEY DON’T KNOW, none of them do. Some THINK they know, but THINKING and actually KNOWING, are two completely different things.


Supposing God took the form of one of us, and I was able to sit down and chat with him over a hot latte, my first question would go something like this:

Q1. You created the universe in just 6 days. So, what was the rush?

And the remainder of my questions would go something like this:

Q2. If you are all-loving and all-forgiving, why is there a ‘Judgement Day’ to determine whether the human soul is allowed into heaven or sent down to the gates of hell?

Q3. You made the earth such a hostile and unpredictable environment for life to live on. Was this really the best you could do with the tools you had at the time? Allow me to expand:

  • Planet Earth rattles and shakes without warning – Earthquakes
  • It spontaneously blows up – Volcanoes
  • It leaks and floods and scatters debris – Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tornadoes etc
  • It withers and dies – Drought
  • It freely burns out of control – Lightning bolts and ferocious forest fires

An infinitum.

Q4. Most life-form tends to get sick and deteriorate before it dies; often enduring great pain and suffering for many months, or years even, as it perishes. Why don’t you just put a ‘date of expiry’ onto all new life so that passing away can be both peaceful and quick?

Q5. If you are all love and forgiveness, why are your followers ‘God Fearing’? (Q6 perhaps?).

Q6. If a God Worshiper is really sent to HELL because he was just too BAD during his time here on earth, does this mean Satan will send a Devil Worshipper to HEAVEN if he has been just too GOOD throughout his earthly experience?


There are probably as many gods as there are races in world, so maybe my questions are inappropriate for your particular divinity. But irrespective of what, or who your god is, if you have question(s), then be brave and post in the comments below. Someone might just have the answer for you, or your answers may come to you as you type 😉

Alternatively, if you think you can respond to any of the above 6 questions with some authority, then please also leave your answers in the comments.

By Toby Strowger | 50ish Site Contributor
Toby Strowger is a men’s lifestyle writer for 50ish.org

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Readers Comments

    Sanjay Anand says:

    Something somehow started everything (what we call universe, big bang etc.). We have no idea what that is. Is it a force of some kind? The universe is expanding (so we believe based on current science/theories/abilities) but into what? So many unanswered questions. So we just say that the something that is responsible for everything is God. Its just an easy way to refer to that which we can’t define. Note: Religion is different from God/unknown/spirituality. Religion is a set of rules/dogma designed to bring order to the world (since humans are inherently selfish, illegal, unethical if left unchecked). Religion is being replaced by rule of law based on science rather than some self-proclaimed moral or spiritual authority. For millenniums, Gods were strange creatures (animals etc.) because that is what humans feared. But once we didn’t need to fear animals any more, moral/spiritual authorities decided to define God with more human-like characteristics because humans started fearing humans (e.g. one tribe vs. another etc.). The history of theology over the millenniums is a very fascinating study!

    Joseph Dabon says:

    I am a believer though not the usual kind people think of us. I found this article humorous not at its direct swipe at God but by its apparent ignorance of Him. The world is what it is now because of people not because of God.

    Say you gave your son a very expensive toy. A week later, it is in shambles. Could you blame the manufacturer for not making their product kid-proof?

    PiP says:

    I think anyone who asks God a question is talking to themselves but hey if it makes them feel better who am i to judge.

    Skinnyribs50 says:

    God I have a question for you. Why are you never there when people need you the most?

      Joseph Dabon says:

      He is there. He is always there. We are just too focused on ourselves to notice Him. He does not interfere with your devices. He just sits there smiling at people’s stupidities.

    MasterEerie says:

    If people spent as much time trying to understand their fellow men as they did trying to get to know their invisible God, the world would surely be a much better place IMHO.

    My question for God would be this: What do YOU want/need from us?

    Andy Aitch says:

    God or no God, perhaps the best view any man can take is that of tolerance. Being able to live and let live, whatever your conviction, is surely the right thing to do.

    Oftentimes, lack of tolerance is displayed from all 3 camps, be that the atheist, the agnostic, and yes, the true believer too.

    Okay, so my question to God would be this;

    “Do you take sides when men go to war and if so, how do you choose who to support?”

    Many believers fighting ‘holy wars’ genuinely think that the one and only god is on their side.

    Andy Aitch (Webmaster)

    Edward68 says:

    I think I’m what the article refers to as an agnostic. I would like to believe but find it hard to without what you might call real proof. I can understand why people chose to believe. To be honest, I wish I did also.

    So my question to god would be to please give us some real physical proof that you are there and that you care. I will then gladly come off the fence and join millions of others in letting you into my life for the common good of me and my fellows. Thank you. Ed

      Patrick says:

      Ed, I suggest you take some time and review RZIM & Reasons to Believe. Both have compelling evidence and research to help you come to a conclusion. You say you are “sitting on the fence”. Have you heard Pascal’s gamble?

    Helmut says:

    Parents lie to their children. They tell them kids there is the tooth fairy. Then they tell them not. They tell them there is magic. Then they tell them they is not. If the kids have the invisible friend, the parents wait for them to grow out of that beleif. If they don’t, the parent have to tell the kid that the invisible friend is not there.

    Then when the kid can understand, the parent tell the kids can have a new incisible freind and his name is god. And they talk of magic but they call it mirical. And they talk of fairies but this time they call them the angels.

    Like the last comment, my question is not to the god but to the people. It’s time they got a grip of their mind and understand the real from the fantasy.

    Peace to all.


    Jerry & Jan says:

    HA! Our question wouldn’t be for the gods because there are none. But we certainly have a bunch of questions for those cranks that belive in all this nonesense!!!

    Jerry & Jan (Christchurch, ew Zealand)

      Andy Aitch says:

      I think you’ve probably written that to stir up a bit of a buzz Jerry & Jan. Don’t forget what it says in the article, and I quote:

      Atheists, Agnostics, and True Believers all share one thing in common which is THEY DON’T KNOW, none of them do. Some THINK they know, but THINKING and actually KNOWING, are two completely different things.

      Your beliefs are exactly that; your beliefs. And just because you think the god concept is nonsense, that doesn’t mean it is, it just means you think it is.

      Andy Aitch (Webmaster)

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