The Truth about Exercise Revealed at Last!

Either the BBC documentary ‘The Truth about Exercise’, has turned what we thought we knew about keeping-fit completely on its head, or this is yet more research full of scientific claptrap!

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The Truth about Exercise is Out there! | BBC Two, Documentary
First Broadcast on in Apr 2012

These new studies on exercise are simply ground-breaking. Nothing quite so radical has ever been released in one hit. For most of you reading this page, these findings are going to completely change the way you look at exercise in 2013 and beyond.

No Time to Exercise?

Never again will busy middle-aged men be able to blame lack of time as a justifiable reason for not exercising. According to this new research, you can get many of the health benefits of exercise from just 3 minutes vigorous workout a week. So no more wobbly jogging on the streets after work, or hitting the local gym before sunrise – unless you want to of course.

Not everyone responds the same to Exercise

This part of the study is equally fascinating. Apparently, people respond to exercise quite differently. In its most basic form, we all fit into one of the following 3 categories:

  1. The Non Responder (program presenter Michael Mosley belongs here)
  2. The Moderate Responder
  3. The Super Responder

At the bottom end are the non-responders. These poor sods can slog it out till the cows come home and still won’t be able to shed an ounce of weight for their efforts. Then there are the super responders. These guys can almost watch the fat drop off with just a little regular activity.

The rest of us fit somewhere between the non-responder and high-responder. Moderate responders can slim down and get into shape without too much fuss, providing they get their recommended exercise and maintain a healthy diet. And according to middle-aged presenter Michael Mosley, that exercise is going to use up less time that it takes to brush your teeth.

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No more Flogging yourself to Death!

Science has now shown that we can all live healthier and longer lives without busting a gut. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it is. But this isn’t a sales pitch, no one is after your money. It’s simply the sharing of remarkable new research.

The Conclusion

The data coming out of laboratories is challenging our long held beliefs. If you take these new findings seriously, it will undoubtedly alter the way you live your life from this point forward.

An Update from Webmaster, April, 2013.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it; everything in life is best done in moderation, including moderation. I wondered how long it would be before there were contradictions to these latest findings, reported here by site contributor, Toby Strowger. Here’s what’s going around in the media right now, with the comments below quoted from a medical doctor.

“Bursts of very high intensity exercise – going flat out on a treadmill, bike or rowing machine – may be all the rage at the moment but are best avoided by the over-50s with hardened arteries in their brains and hearts (that’s most of us).”

I’m sure there will be much more discussion and contradiction on ‘The Truth About Exercise’ program. And like so many of these health debates that circulate the media, folks will form their own conclusions and beliefs based on whose advice and guidance they trust the most.

You can read more on how this great workout debate was triggered with a story published in ‘The Week’, which is a UK-based, online News Magazine.

Got anything to say on this subject? Please leave your comments below 😉

By Toby Strowger | 50ish Site Contributor
Toby Strowger is a men’s lifestyle writer for

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Readers Comments

    AndyP says:

    It’s easier to put weight on than take it of that’s for sure, but effort aside, I guess many people just love their food more than they love their bodies. The only reason there are so many fat people around today is becayse thye have access to more food than those of previoud genereations.

    Total wellness Cleanse Program says:

    Weight loss needs motivation and resolution. If you lack these two things you can never achieve your goals.

    OneEyedMonster52 says:

    I’ve never heard such a load of sodding claptrap in all my life! What do they mean 3 minutes of exercise a week is all you need? All you need for what? Weight loss, fresh air, movement of the limbs, cardio workout??? Hogwash!

      OzEila says:

      Mate, how can you call it rubbish when it’s scientific proof? Look, if it’s been proved then it’s been proved, unlike the manmade babble that comes from religious beliefs, real facts are real. Watch the video mate, and see for yourself.

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