How much do Men know about their Tackle & Sexual Wellbeing?

It would be wrong for any man of middle age, other than a medical professional, to assume he knows all there is to know about his sexual organ and sexual-wellbeing, because the chances are he doesn’t! A report on this issue suggests that seven out of ten men know very little about what it is that hangs so freely between their legs!

The Male Sex OrganFrom a very young age, we accept up all kinds of myths and misinformation about our private parts, mainly because kids just don’t know the true from the false.

Quite often men will store these distorted facts unopposed. Consequently, many of us have lugged a few schoolboy myths on the ‘one-eyed monster’ over into adulthood. But here’s where the ignorance stops 😉

It is the purpose of this short piece to separate the wheat from the chaff once and for all.


1). Men have Fertility Cycles, don’t they?
Myth. This is pure poppycock.

2). Erectile Dysfunction only affects the 0ver 40s.
Myth. ED is most common in older men but can and does affect men of all ages.

3). The penis is a MUSCLE and exercise will make it grow bigger and stronger.
Myth. It’s a collection of spongy tissues.

4). The average length of a white Western penis is 7 inches.
Myth. The average penis size of white westerners is nearer 5 inches long when fully erect.

5). Men reach their sexual peak at 18.
Myth. Testosterone levels peak at around 18, but this has no impact on sexual performance.

6). Certain foods increase libido.
Myth. There is no such thing as a food aphrodisiac.

Asian Dating

So there it is. There will be at least a couple of things in that Myth List that will surprise even the most worldly of men. Please bookmark the site and check back often for more NEWS.

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