Sex Starved Middle-aged Aussie Blokes

An Australian national survey published in August 2012, has revealed that the over 40’s man Down-under is lucky to get a bonk more than 3 times a month at best, and that means our aging Ocker’s tackle is becoming about as useful as tits on a bull

So why is the middle-aged Aussie having a sexual midlife crisis – and why now?

Asian DatingSome Australian women might say that their rough-and-ready men, infamous for their chauvinistic stance and sexist comments towards the fairer sex, have had their time.

Depriving their menfolk of a regular poke is perhaps one of the best ways of forcing changes in stone-age attitudes towards women in twenty-first century Australia.

This outdated mindset is shifting somewhat among the younger generations, but there are still plenty of 50ish Bruce’s out there that think a Sheila’s place is at home, in the kitchen, and always on tap for a bit of ‘how’s yer father’ whenever the Neolithic Aussie bloke feels a tad randy. However, as apt as this reason might be, it’s not what the report reveals.

The Health, Identity and Sex Report (HIS Report)

This HIS study was compiled from the findings of a Galaxy Research poll that targeted thousands of middle-age men (and older), between ages 40 to 69 yrs. Here are just some of those findings:

  • Around 50% of participants struggled with some level of sexual dysfunction.
  • 86% said an inability to perform sexually had a negative impact on their life.
  • Most participants thought they were alone in their problem.
  • Middle-aged men who could not perform were generally unhappy.

It Pays to Talk

Aussie men, like their British cousins, are not very good at opening up and talking about their personal problems, not to loved ones, mates, or medical professionals. This reluctance to share can only hinder, if not prevent altogether, any solution to their sex malady.

Sexual relationships are not invented by, or the exclusive right of, modern day youth, despite the younger generations being appalled at the thought of Mums, Dad’s and grandparents baggy buttocks still humping like rabbits at their respective ages.

According to social researcher Jeff Gilling, “A healthy sex life is a significant measure of masculinity and overall health”. Mr Gilling goes on to say that a healthy sex life is just as important to adults in their 50s and 60s as it was when they were much younger, say in their 20s and 30s.

Thai Dating

Is 50 the new 30?

Most babies born in the industrialized nations over the past few years will most likely get to celebrate their 100 birthday according to researchers (read: Half of babies ‘will live to 100), and that means the longer we live, the longer we’ll be alive to enjoy an active sex life, so maintaining the equipment will have to be a priority for the blokes down under if they want to ‘KEEP UP’ with the times, so to speak.

Although the Health, Identity and Sex Report is a study of Australian men, these issues are likely to be typical of many middle-aged men from other wealthy nations.

You can download a copy of the HIS Report here

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