Has the Root of Male Baldness Finally been Found?

According to researchers in 2012, the root cause for male hair loss has been discovered at long last. Why this is making the news is because the findings may assist in developing better, more targeted treatments to tackle the old problem of bald-headedness.

PROSTAGLANDIN D2What the Study found is Revolutionary

It’s now understood that bald or balding men, tend to have an unusual amount of a protein on their scalps known as prostaglandin D2. It is this very protein and its byproducts that thwart hair growth. This was unknown until now.

In the past, all the treatments for male pattern baldness were all discovered through chance, says George Cotsarelis, MD (Professor of dermatology at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania). Now though, because there is a definite understanding of the root course, men may no longer have to reply on chance discoveries and potential treatments to tackle their dilemma.

Drug Companies already Developing Compounds

There are currently drugs being developed that inhibit the action of prostaglandin D2. What this means is that delaying male pattern baldness in ALL men will soon be a reality rather than a trial. This is what makes these findings in the study so exciting.

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What’s the BIG Deal with going Bald?

Because 80% of men can expect to lose some or most of their hair by the time they reach late 60s early 70s, one would they think this phenomenon would be accepted as the norm by now, but not so. It seems that when it comes to baldness, acceptance is not an option if there are affordable and practical alternatives on offer.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of men the word over, would willingly stop hair loss in its tracks if they only had a guaranteed solution. Well, this time one might be here sooner rather than later, and not before time cry most.

$$$ The Cost of Trying! $$$

American men spend a staggering $176,000,000 annually on hair loss products and services, so any breaking news on potential remedies is always eagerly anticipated, albeit with cautious optimism, although a cure for hail loss will not be music to everyone’s ears.

Any sure-fire and affordable remedy is certainly not going to be welcome news to the hair loss industry that make absolute fortunes out of their hair thinning products and services.

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A more detailed report By Denise Mann can be found at WebMD Health News

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Readers Comments

    Shelly short says:

    I sure hope for the millions of people past an present that have suffered with hair loss. I know it takes time to research an find a cure for this ,but we are in the 20 th century an all the decades of research you would think that by now they would of come up with a cure. Are options are not only unaffordable an dangerous to are Heath an appearance. Who wants scares or loss there manhood from current treatments . It’s time all these researchers find a cure an stop all these money Hungary people from getting rich on the hair loss business. You people make me sick these researchers owe us an it’s time to stop thinking about money an start thinking about the suffering people who are praying an relieving on are researchers to let all the hair loss suffers live life to the fullest. Time is now an don’t just bring a product out to fill your pockets again . P.s. The bald truth guy You may want to come across a concerned hair loss victim an want to help with your so called knowledge of hair loss we can all research what you do. The difference is you are filling your pockets an praying on the hair loss suffers also. With your books an talk shows. If you are going to represent the hair loss business then you have a job to to stop people from throwing there Monet away The more we spend on hair loss nonsense the less chance we have of finally getting are cure. We all need to stand together so that everyone can get what we should of had decades ago. Dr George cotsarlis I’ve followed your research on the prostaglandin topical cream that you said would be out in two years dating back to 2012 Since then no update hope that your findings just isn’t another promise that just didn’t work People time to come together it’s hard to nosy buy into all these scams but keep believing that maybe there is a researcher out there that is true at heart

    Hair loss prevention says:

    I have tried every product inside the given weapon I can’t assume the reasoning like for your business men to be able to work on the reduction of hair prevention. I was given birth to blessed I imagine where you can full head of hair.

      Andy Aitch says:

      Just a couple of generations ago, people were looking for the miracle cure, and there were plenty of them but none worked, of course, or certainly there was nothing that worked for all those who tried them. Nowadays, there are definite treatments that will not only stop hair loss but restore it too. The problem is, most of these are unaffordable for many a man.

      Hopefully, the drugs currently being developed that will inhibit the action of prostaglandin D2 will the first affordable option to ever hit the hair loss market.

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