Lose Weight by Skimping on Exercise! Are you Serious?

If time constraint has been your best excuse for not doing regular exercise then you’re probably going to love this. If after reading here you still have backup reasons why fitting an exercise regime into your life is not feasible, then perhaps you don’t really want to workout, in which case perhaps that should be your honest excuse?

More Lame Excuses for not Exercising include:

  1. I’m going to join a gym, but I want to lose weight first.
  2. I WILL start next week/month for sure (next week, month, never comes!)
  3. I’m too ‘out of shape’ to exercise!
  4. It’s healthy to be a bit overweight at my age!.
  5. I tried working out once before but I still didn’t lose weight, so what’s the point?
  6. I love eating too much to care!
  7. Being fat suites me!

And so the list goes on. But hey, some folks just don’t give a monkey’s. And if they’re happy with the way they look, feel, and function as heavyweights, then that’s just fine and dandy. There are others though, who are unable to lose the pounds and get into shape for medical reasons, but this post is not about those who can’t, but those who can.

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Some will argue that middle-aged spread is just a force of nature and no amount of diet and exercise will have any real lasting impact. Although there will be some truth in that, it’s perhaps not a good idea to use it as the ultimate excuse for procrastination without at least trying!

Okay, here’s the revelation:

30 Minutes of Exercise drops more Weight than a Full 1 Hour

In effect, what the scientists have determined is that just half an hour of daily exercise was just as effective as a full 60 minute workout. Great news for older guys that find an hour or more just a bit too much for their maturing bodies, right? So surely any able bodied man can squeeze just 30 minutes of physical exertion into his day should he want to become fitter, slimmer, and healthier?

There will be a few that are literally flat out busy from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, but they really are in the minority.

Where’s the Evidence of this?

You may be wondering how on earth can less time spent exercising can give the same, or better results than more time?

Well, researchers from the University of Copenhagen discovered that physical exertion for just 30 minutes a day showed more weight loss in men who worked out for twice as long. Their study was published on August 12, 2012, in the American Journal of Physiology.

How can it be so?

It’s not fully understood why men who did regular aerobic exercise for the longer duration did not lose more weight than they did. One theory is that those who exercised for longer simply built up bigger appetites and so ate more, therefore counterbalancing the extra hard work.

Another theory is men who exercised less had more energy overall and were more active as a consequence. Whereas the ones that exercised for longer periods were more likely to flake out and do as little as possible after the workout.

Whatever the reason(s) doesn’t really matter, the good news is that the benefits of shorter bursts of exercise outweigh the longer, and that has to be good news for busy men.

The Minimum the Recommended Amount of Exercise

As we’ve pointed out in other articles here on 50ish.org, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recommends that people exercise for 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes), of moderate physical activity each week for the best results.

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Readers Comments

    tornado says:

    My message to every man is to not overthink this thing too much and just MOVE. I’ve been fat and back, and hope i never return to those days of sluggishness and gluttony. I know everyone responds differently to food and exercise, but even the big lads among us can be thinner than they are. They’re may not able to get as thin as they’d like to be, but they can still get thinner if they want to. Tim.

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