HIV Increases amid Older Men

Not only is there life after 50, but there’s also a rampant sex life out there amongst middle-aged men and their respective partners.

The assumption that sex ceases to exist over a certain age threshold is simply that – an assumption!

In this piece, looks at how ignorance and complacency has resulted in alarming HIV transmission statistics among men over 50.

The HIV AIDS Myth Exposed

There are also plenty of MYTHS out there regarding HIV infection, the most common being:

  • HIV is a problem unique to the young and promiscuous
  • HIV is only widespread amongst gay and transgender groups
  • HIV is endemic mainly with the Homeless
  • HIV is rampant chiefly within the intravenous drug population

Although the above are categorized as high risk groups, it’s important to note that HIV infection has no boundaries and it can and does infect those who expose themselves openly to the virus, and this includes people of middle-age and older.

Too Old to Die Young!

Studies stemming back from the early 1990s gave data that proved sexual desire is not something that diminishes after the age of 50. Reports have indicated that over 50% of people middle-aged and older are still having sex a couple times every month.

Sadly, because of the common myths (see above), guys in the throes of midlife tend to think that they are in the ‘safe age’ bracket and that HIV, and other STDs, is something that happens only to others. The over 50s man might well be too old to die young, but he’s certainly too young to die old, or get really sick, or trash his quality of life as he knows it, though common complacency and a flippant attitude towards the practice of safe sex.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), heterosexual HIV transmission probability in men over 50 is up 94 percent since 1991, and the rate in women has doubled.


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    Jess says:

    Lack of comments here shows how people still shy away from the whole HIV AIDS issue.

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