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The 50ish.org Middle-aged Lifestyles Index

The way a man lives his life is his lifestyle. If he’s of sound body and mind, it is his lifestyle choices that impact the way in which he feels and functions as a person. Sadly, a lot of middle-aged males tend to get stuck in a rut. Many a man feels he’s on the treadmill of a dreary life, with little or no hope of change any time soon. He dreams to be freed from the shackles of mere existence, yet his fear (False Evidence Appearing Real), is that he never will.

Perhaps this is because of our thoughts? After all, what we think of ourselves is what we usually become? Or as that famous Buddhist quote goes; “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” ~ Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)

Men are Capable of so much more than they think they are.

Men are usually so much more capable of what their thoughts tell them, though not so many of us challenge our abilities be they perceived as probable or quite latent. Yet a tiny tweak in the thought process can literally give us a new and fulfilling change in what we do and how we comprehend our purpose and potential.

“It’s the little things in this life that make the BIGGEST difference”.

The idea behind the lifestyle category is to build up a collection of articles and resources that expose mundane and potentially damaging routines and offer inspirational changes and suggestions towards a better way of living.

Our midlife lifestyle collection will be forever growing covering such topics a healthy living, food & beverage, hobbies and interests, looking good, feeling great, and anything that fits into man’ options to enhance his presence here on planet earth 😉

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” ~ Wayne Dyer

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MIDDLE-AGED Lifestyles – Middle aged men living life to the full

Don’t Die Miserable! Many men live to regret the things they wished they did, but providing he still has a pulse and an able body, NOW is the time to get active with his Bucket List.

When a Man Loses all Hope: Middle age can be a time for reflection, but depending on the man and what he thinks he’s achieved to date, this ‘looking back’ can create feelings within him of hopelessness and fear. But there is a way out

Selfish Men Die Younger: Researchers have discovered that spending a lifetime as a selfish person is toxic for health and wellbeing.  As a consequence, men that are Selfish don’t tend to live as long as men who are not.

Life Begins At 50. Doesn’t it? Well yes, it does, but begins to what is the real question. Does it begin to get better or worse?  The opinions are divided depending who you ask!

5 Steps on how caring for an ageing body and brain:  1. Eating healthily and moderately, 2. Exercising regularly; 3. Cutting down on alcohol; 4. Quitting smoking; and 5. Never stop learning.

Fact: Women live longer than men: But why do our female counterparts get to enjoy an extra 10 years of longevity than we blokes? Is it genetics, biology, or just a healthier lifestyle on their part?

The Chair is a Killer say Researcher: “There should never be an hour that you are sitting down. You need to be moving every hour. Being chained to the chair is killing millions. For most people going to the gym is not enough!”.

Men with Garden Sheds are Happier: And not only are they happier, but they’re healthier and live longer too according to studies. And for those who haven’t got a shed, there are now Men’s Shed Groups springing up globally.

The Old Geezer Radio Show: This is an online talk show set up by men for men. Its sole purpose is to offer entertaining, diverse and intelligent conversation on issues that matter to guys of middle age and older.

Born Again Bikers, or BABS: A hazard on the roads or simply a bunch of older, more responsible guys enjoying the open road once again on 2 wheels? One 50ish contributor has had enough of the digs at today’s Born Again Middle-aged Bikers.

Middle-aged Men Home Alone, and Lonely! The amount of lonely middle-aged men in society is on the up. Being alone and being lonely is not the same thing. Sadly though, there are many guys out there that are both alone and lonely.

Are Men over 40 the Pond Life of 21st Century Society? 3 guys from different walks of life give their take on the ‘unwanted men’ phenomenon. If what they say is representative of others in the same age group, we’re in for a rough ride!

Why do Middle-aged Men Sleep with Prostitutes? There’s nothing new with men paying for sex, but according to data compiled over the last few years, there are more men buying sexual services than at any time ever.

Middle-aged guys moving to Thailand: These men are often mocked as sexpats. Although there will be those visitors of ill repute, they are only a tiny minority of the men who choose to live in the Kingdom.

5 Steps to becoming a Happier Man: According to the Dalai Lama, happiness is not something readymade, but comes from our own actions. This piece looks at how men can control their happiness levels.

7 Simple Ways to become a More Active Man: It doesn’t take much to change the way we look, feel, and function and men, but so many still choose inactivity over activity. Hopefully the latest piece with inspire.

How old do you look for your middle years? And why do some people look much younger than their chronological age whereas others look way older. Is it perhaps down to lifestyle choices?

5 Possible Solutions to the Balding Head: This is one topic that never seems to let up, and the reason is man’s reluctance to accept his hair loss. In this article, we take a look at the 5 most popular and effective treatments for male pattern baldness.

QUOTES About Men: Some Funny, others inspirational, and the rest just plain nasty. “Mommy mommy, what’s an orgasm ? I don’t know dear, ask your father”. Visit this page for more of the same!

Middle-aged Men Ignoring Drink Driving Laws: But they’re not alone. So many men in general seem to have a flagrant disregard for this particular law and the safety of those around them.

His Drinking has High Costs: Not only does an alcoholic lifestyle destroy the one with the problem, but it comes at great cost to those around him, and society as a whole. Active alcoholics don’t live so long either – Still dying for a drink?

Married, Middle-aged and Gay? What’s going on out there? Well, if all the findings and assumptions are correct, there’s a lot of middle-aged gay men out there living the life of heterosexuals.

Older Men are despised in Online Forums and Chat Rooms – so it seems! They are the bitter, twisted tribes of cyberspace and appear to have a knack at rubbing people up the wrong way.

Sex Tips for he Over 50’s: Well, they deserve Healthy Sexual Relations too. Don’t they? But sometimes a man needs a little advice on how to keep the lead firmly in his pencil. Here are a few great 50ish tips on how to do just that 😉

Older Men in Baseball Caps! Your Joe Average 40-something male might love his baseball hat, but women do not share this affection with these unyielding skullcaps.

Meet the MAMILS AKA Middle-aged Men in Lycra He asks, “Do My Bollocks look Big in these”? So, who is ‘Lycra Man’ trying to impress, and more importantly, is it working? Let’s take a closer look!

Testosterone Levels in Middle-aged Men Can a healthy lifestyle change really raise testosterone levels and help to reduce the effects of aging. The 50ish.org article on low t reveals some facts about this that you might find fascinating.

The Male Mid-life Spread: Is there by choice for able-bodied men according to Phil W, a British expat living in Bangkok, Thailand. But is he right? Would a simple lifestyle change really help all that much?

Testicular Injuries are no joke: A kick in the nuts is not the only way in which a man can cause pain and injury to his love spuds. In this article we look at why it’s so painful and the common causes of incident.

Reminiscing about the Good Old Days! Men who enjoy a balanced lifestyle acknowledge the past, plan for the future, and live in the present as best they can. Yet many a middle-aged men spend all their time ‘remembering when’.

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Here at 50ish.org, our articles and resources on Man’s Midlife Lifestyles will continue to grow over time.

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