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There’s never shortage of News, and topics related to middle-aged men are in the headlines almost daily. The sole purpose of the 50ish NEWS category is to keep visitors updated with all the relevant headlines as they come through to us.

50ish Mid-life News: Keep up to date with news from around the world on issues pertaining to men of middle-age. Newsworthy items on health, relationships, finance, lifestyle and more. If it’s in the NEWS, it’s on 50ish.org

From midlife crisis to middle-aged fulfilment, from cures for prostate cancer, to the latest solutions for male pattern baldness cure. If it’s in the News and relevant to men over 40, then we will add it here either as a link to the main source or our own written interpretation of whatever it is that’s generating so much interest.

It seems that guys over 40 are getting a lot of flak these days over their reluctance to take care of themselves from a physical and health perspective, and those that do are mocked as having a mid-life crisis of some description. Well, we’ll be reporting on all those issues too as they materialise so that we can see how the rest of the world is perceiving men of middle age.

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Living and Lifestyle. Our Collection of Newsworthy Items of Interested for the Over 40’s Man.

Middle-aged Single Men Dying in House Fires: Fires in the home kill and injure twice as many “home alone men” men than those younger than fifty. And the unemployed or low income earners are the most vulnerable!

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Poor Sleep might be because of Poor Diet: How a man sleeps is dependent on the foods he eats says a new study. The more nutrition we get, the better the quality of our kip, and vice-versa.

What’s My BMI? Know your Body Mass Index (BMI) gentlemen or bury your head in the sand at your peril. This is one number that should be monitored and maintained every 3 months says The Obesity Management Association.

Drink within the Present Day Marriage: Women drink more alcohol than men while married, whereas men drink more than women outside of wedlock, especially when experiencing separation or divorce. So which spouse drives who to the bottle?

The New Truth about Exercise: Ground-breaking scientific research has revealed some bizarre findings about physical exercise that turns what we thought we knew up about working-out up on its head. Busy men are going to love this!

Middle-aged Men becoming Obsessed with Plastic Surgery: It wasn’t so long ago when men talked about treating their partners to a little cosmetic surgery, but not anymore. Today’s pretty boys want the cut and tuck all for themselves.

When does Middle-age Begin and End? Well, some men say it starts around mid-30’s. Others say it spans from 45 to 65. A new UK report reveals that middle-age in the 21st century doesn’t kick-in until 55 years.

Men are failing at Work. According to a recent study, men are now failing in the workplace and women are excelling their male counterparts. Is this the start of the Househusband generation?

Older Smokers face a 75% higher risk of Lung Cancer: This is compared to non-smokers. The new study shows alarming stats on those folks who are still smoking at middle-age and beyond.

Happily Married Men looking for Nookie Online reveals survey! But is this a minority problem, or are lots of married men skulking around naughty websites when there partners are absent from view?

Vitamin C could Improve the Quality of an Ageing Man’s Sperm. That’s according to a study was led by scientists from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Is Red Meat the Killer they make it out to be? Keep reading and discover what this startling new research has exposed about man’s favourite bloody morsel. Warning! Meat eaters are not going to like it!

Exercising Less could result in more Weight Loss! Now this is something that will sound too good to be true to most, yet researchers from the University of Copenhagen have confirmed it to be correct.

It’s Official – Men of a certain age stink. A study carried out by Researcher Doctor Lundstrom has confirmed that men of a certain age range are the most foul-smelling members of society.

Alarming Suicide Statistics for men over 40. Middle age used to be the happiest time in a man’s life, but no so any more according to research. Suicides among men are up hugely across the globe.

Quit Smoking this Stoptober: Stoptober is a new anti-smoking initiative that runs for the first 28 days of October. It aims to get as many UK’s smokers as possible to participate. But just how successful is a campaign like this likely to be?

Do Men want Longevity? So many guys over the age of 40 are letting themselves go physically, psychologically, and spiritually. They might be too old to die young, but they are plenty that are too young to die old, yet die they do!

Do you know your 3 Heart Healthy Numbers? If not, then you might want to. Being mindful of these numbers and keeping them right, could just save your life. Learn about your Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Waist numbers here.

British Men are Dying Unnecessarily from Embarrassment: It’s a sad reality that men from the UK are far too reluctant to visit their GP. But this procrastination, fear, call it what you will, could be costing them their lives.

Grown Men are shunning the Veggies – Yet they are the first to preach the importance of eating both fruit and vegetables to their kids. So what’s going on out there? Read this piece to find out.

There are 6 common myths on male sexual health: And even we older guys tend to believe some of them! So just how much does modern man know about his meat, 2 veg, and sexual wellbeing?

Are you a Billy-No-Mates? If you answered yes, then you are more at risk of suffering mental health issues as you get older. A UK study has outlined the pitfalls of being alone and lonely in the 21st Century.

A Man’s Sperm loses Quality with Age: The sperm of a man can and does, in many cases, decline with age. So what does this mean for the wannabe older dads out there?

Tension Headaches in Men are on the up! The two main triggers are physical straining and emotional stress but rather than treat them, perhaps it’s better to prevent them from occurring to begin with?

HIV Infection is on the Rise Amongst Men over 50: Not only are people enjoying sexual activity well into middle age, but many feel they are immune to HIV and other STD infection. They’re wrong!

Low-Fat Dairy lowers Risk of Stroke says Swedish Study: People who consumed the most low fat dairy foods and beverages were, on average, 12% less likely to suffer a stroke when compared to those who ate less low fat dairy.

Hair Reduces the Risk of getting Skin Cancer say Australian Researchers: But before you bearded men and women throw away the sunscreen, you might just want to read this.

There’s a new solution to Male Pattern Baldness: It’s called Is Prostaglandin D2 and researchers are getting very excited about it. But is this just another false hope for balding men or the real deal this time?

Men Ignoring the Dangers of Cell Phone use while Driving: Every year there are countless deaths caused by driving while texting and talking on the cellphone and Middle-aged men are the biggest culprits.

Maturing men are idiots if they ignore a woman’s advice: According to this female blogger, many a middle-aged man could prosper in midlife is he just follows her 7 tips. Read why she thinks so many guys of 40+ are getting it all wrong.

The Aussie Blokes Midlife Sexual Crisis revealed: An Australian national survey revealed that the over 40’s man Down-under has an inability to perform sexually and our aging Ocker is not a Happie Chappie.

More Benefits of Exercising at Middle-age: Men who embrace exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle lower their risk of becoming majorly sick in later years a new study suggests. In other words, the slower we move the faster we die!

Are Men with Big Bellies Dim? It could be restricting blood flow to your brain by up to 15% according to new study, and this reduction in blood flow might be slowing down your ability to think!

Kidney Failure on the Increase along with Longevity: The middle-aged male is at a higher risk than his female counterpart of developing kidney failure as he ages says new report, and it’s with no thanks to longevity.

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