Inactivity is a Killer. Still DYING for a Lay Down?

Lazy ManThere are many misconceptions about exercise, and most of them do great job of deterring older men from taking up physical activity, especially guys that have let themselves get out of shape.

The thought of pain, suffering, and deprivation are among the top reasons why so many middle-aged males fail to look after their bodies. The consequence of this ‘inactivity’ is that a lot of us have become addicted to the seat, though you should be warned!

THE CHAIR IS A KILLER – ask any doctor.

But here’s the thing; no man has to flog himself half to death in order to get into shape. Being active is not a lesson in torture. On the contrary, it can be immensely enjoyable, plus it makes us feel and function better, never worse! It really is a no brainer.

So whether you’re looking to reduce a fat belly, or just inject more energy into your life, none of it will be achievable unless you budge your butt.

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Human life should not resemble that of plants; we are supposed to be active. We’re meant to go from A to B using our god given legs. It’s common knowledge now that the slower we move the faster we die, which is why the chair is a killer if we live too long in the seat.

Below are 7 very simple ways to become a more active man but with a minimum of effort.

1. Avoid shortcuts

If there’s a shortcut to some place, take the long route. Even if it’s only to the garden shed. Walk upstairs if you need something rather than shout up for someone to throw it down.

There are perhaps dozens of examples where we take shortcuts in our daily lives, and for what, to save time? No, we often take short cuts for no other reason than to avoid effort.

It might not sound like much, but when you cut out all the tiny shortcuts, you will inevitably find that you’ve done lot of extra activity over the course of a month, and for that you WILL start to feel the benefits almost immediately.

2. Never drive when you can walk or cycle

Over the years, most of us have acquired cars. They’ve almost become a natural extension to our buttocks. How many times have you jumped into your vehicle for a short trip to the corner shop or some other nearby destination? Try walking of cycling instead. Once again, the extra physical activity gained over the course of a month could be quite substantial.

4. Keep hydrated at all times

More than half our body weight is made up of water. Every organ, cell, and tissue needs it in order to function properly. You can tell the early signs of dehydration by the colour of your urine. The darker the pee, the more you are dehydrating. You can also raise your eyebrows and see whether or not the skin on your brow springs back when you lower them. If the lines on your forehead are slow to return, then you are becoming dehydrated.

A lot of people go about their day not as hydrated as they could be. This often means they become sluggish, lose concentration, and have a constant feeling of sleepiness or general fatigue. No one would want to start exercising if they felt any of the above symptoms, so if you plan to become more active, then make sure you’re not all dried up inside.

Other symptoms of dehydration may include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Raging thirst
  • Dizziness or light-headedness
  • Headaches
  • No tears when crying

5. Help with the housework

Modern men do help with housework these days but even so, many still try to get out of it at any given opportunity. My advice to you is not to avoid housework – embrace it! Making the beds, cleaning the windows, and vacuuming the floors, are all good activities to get the blood pumping. Additionally, a clean and uncluttered home is far less vulnerable to house fires.

“I move, therefore I am” ~ Haruki Murakami

6. Stop moaning

The occasional rant and a rave might have some short term benefits such as letting off steam, or sharing a problem, but on the whole it debilitates us and creates moods where we don’t want to do much at all. So if you’re looking for a little motivation, quit griping!

Fault-finding, nit-picking, complaining, whatever its form, creates negativity, and negativity only breeds pessimism. Long term negativity is linked to physical and mental illness. So moaning will only hinder your efforts to become a fitter and healthier individual.

Some folks moan so hard and so often, that it wears them out more than say swinging a pickaxe all day long. There are, or course, much better ways of utilising energy.

7. Easy does it, but DO IT!

This brings us to our 7th tip of easy does it but do it. Remember, no man has to flog himself half to death as a way of getting a little fitter and healthier. Just move more, and more often, that’s all. The benefits derived from a little lifestyle change which includes regular activity are; improved spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing, so it makes perfect sense to get active.

If health & fitness came in a bottle we would all have the perfect body and mindset, but it doesn’t so we have to work at it. There’s absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by moving more than we do. It’s the little things in this life that make the BIGGEST difference.

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Readers Comments

    Andy Aitch says:

    I think as kids, a lot of us loved running around more than sitting around. And we had to be reluctantly dragged in for our dinner whereas nowadays they’re sitting at an empty table waiting to be fed. But if we had computers and TVs in every room, we might have behaved in exactly the same way – but we’ll never know the answer to that!

    Andy Aitch

    AndyPandy says:

    When i was a kid growing up, you couldn’t keep us still for more than 5 minutes. We were always outside running around. If the kids are like that today, they call it ADHD. Kids are more like cats now, always laying around doing nowt in particular. Inactive kids = inactive adults. I don’t think adults become lazy. I think they grew up that way, hence the problems today. Just my opinion thou…

      tornado says:

      Well said friend. If kids laze around it’s because parents let them. Tim

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