Base-bald Caps better than Baseball Hats – say Women

Baseball CapFor a lot of men, going thin on top is hard to accept. One way to conceal the problem is to wear some kind of hat to cover up a bald head or receding hairline. But does anyone really give a toss about a hairless head other than the man himself? The answer to that is, or course, a decisive NO. So perhaps the 50ish man out there should consider getting rid of his big baseball hat and let his base-bald cap shine through instead!

But Hang on a Minute! Hats aren’t just a cover-up for Baldies. Are they?

Let’s think about this for a moment. What’s so wrong with a man having a skullcap of sorts on top of his head? It’s actually traditional in many cultures to wear some form of headdress. It seems that people assume a middle-aged guy in a baseball cap is covering up hair loss, but think again. Other justifiable reasons might be:

  • He plays baseball
  • He’s a huge baseball fan
  • He likes the fashion
  • He just wants to keep his head warm
  • It makes him look younger (hair or no hair)

The ‘cap’ issue, it seems, is just one more thing for women and younger members of society to have a dig at middle age guys for. Why the over 40’s man has become the brunt of everyone’s jokes in the twenty-first century is still largely unknown, although research will probably reveal more over time.

Baseball caps are a turn off for Women

Anyone, at any age, should be able to wear what they want, when they want, and feel comfortable doing so. But there is a but! If you’re a man over a certain age, then your chances of making a good first impression are slim to zero if you arrive on a date wearing a baseball cap.

Here’s what the Ladies say

We’ve looked around the internet on various forums and blogs in an attempt to unearth some positive comments, by women, on men who wear baseball caps. We couldn’t find a single one!

It’s not hats per se, but the baseball cap that they despise so much. Here are a handful of remarks we found that are pretty representative of women’s views on older men in caps.

  • Please don’t wear a cap. Get a wig – if you must!
  • No, no, no! Not baseball caps. Try a leather Stetson. They look good at any age.
  • Ski snow hat is more or less good for any age. Baseball caps? They’re for kids.
  • Men in baseball caps? You’re having a laugh. They’re insecure beyond belief IMHO.
  • Never trust a middle-aged guy in any hat, especially a baseball cap – apparently!
  • Men with pot bellies and baseball caps are lazy sods. Avoid them like the plague!
  • Sorry, if a man is wearing a baseball cap, I don’t look at him twice.
  • Men who wear baseball caps in their 40s onwards is one of my pet hates.
  • Mutton trying to look like lamb, springs to mind.
  • Not a baseball player, coach, fast food employee, or roadie? Then keep ’em off!

The list could go on and on. The only positive comments we found on various sites, blogs, and forums, were for young men and well groomed gays, both of which looked cool in this type of headgear, according to some women.

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The Conclusion

Wear what you want and stuff what other people think. However, if you’re single and looking, then you might just want to hang up the ball cap until you’ve hooked your fish.

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Men in Baseball Caps

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Readers Comments

    Chaz4Jazz says:

    As a 50-ish guy, my response to women who don’t like or appreciate my attire: Smile, turn heel, walk away. If I merely said “eff off with your opinions,” I would expose myself to needless rapid-fire insults about my small dick [it always comes down to a woman insulting a guy about his penis, doesn’t it?]; that I’m gay [even though she voted for every pro-gay initiative on state ballots]; my going through life lonely [as if her nagging would somehow prohibit a self-fulfilling prophesy]; about my poverty-level income… Now, about my car–yes, a muscle car that I’ve wanted since I was in my late teens–I receive more impromptu compliments from women than men, and the women are mostly post-20’s even to 60-ish.

    So, if anyone is up for a bit of advice: stop worrying about what women think. Much of that is what’s gotten men into a pickle of their own creation. Women have told me they despise “roll-overs” and wimps, and that even though I’m frequently in disagreement with them, they find the presence of a spine to be a welcome relief in a sea of Caspar Milquetoasts. I do, however, avoid the small-dick accusations by pointing out to women that those men are merely behaving that way because women have misled us into believing they really do want kinder-gentler types in man-buns and Birkenstocks.

    Steph says:

    Well Chrissie Hynde said it quite well “All these fifty-year-old guys wearing baseball caps and shorts and acting like children. It winds me up.” I won’t disagree with her. I don’t know why wearing a baseball cap is so compelling for men because it certainly isn’t appealing to women in any way. On the weekend there is a tendency for the white collar crowd to sport glasses and turtlenecks along with the baseball cap. I have no idea where that came from – usually these things can be traced to a movie. (By the way guys – just because your wife tells you that you look like Harrison Ford doesn’t mean that you actually do – the male ego is fragile). Go to any brunch place on Sunday and you’ll see this look everywhere. Even worse is when middle aged guys wear the cap backwards and then put their hands over their eyes to block the sun when looking in the distance. Duh, that’s what the bill of the cap is for. It’s easy to say that it’s only bald guys who are doing this but I’ve seen this happen with guys with full heads of hair do it. Of course guys who get hair transplants will wear baseball caps as their plugs heal. So if you see a middleaged guy wearing a cap during the week or during the day then he’s probably gone the Bosley route.

      Chaz4Jazz says:

      The finger that points comes ’round. Often, those finding faults with others only do so because if they didn’t they might need to examine the horror beneath their own skin.

    tony says:

    And here I always thought that people wear base ball caps to protect from the sun… wow..

    and if you are bald on top than you’re supposed to wear something on your head to protect from the sun. Hair naturally does it for you but if you shave your head then you better wear a hat out doors.

    Kelly says:

    I would respectfully disagree about men not wearing baseball caps, I think it is OK at any age as weekend wear with casual clothes, particularly outdoors. It helps keep your head warm in the cool weather or from being sunburned in the summer. I haven’t found any other type hat that I like. I would not wear one on a date unless I needed something to protect my head in a casual / outdoor venture, but I already have a wife so that is not an issue, lol.

      Andy Aitch says:

      Kelly, I’ve been wearing hats and caps all my life, or at least from about the age of 11 upwards. This griping on about older men only wear them to look younger, or to cover up bald heads or receding hairlines is just one more thing for people to dig at in middle-aged men. But even if any of the above are true, what does it matter. After all, we all do something for some reason, right 😉 Thanks for you comments, it’s nice to read a balanced viewpoint.

        Chaz4Jazz says:

        Haven’t we guys learned that anything coming from the mouth/mind of a woman can change as soon as she finds the exception to her own rule? STOP paying attention to the drivel that vomits from her pie-hole; DO pay attention to what she does.

    AndyPandy says:

    You 2 want wanna hear yourselves LOL 🙂 I remember when men used to look at their middle age as the prime of their life. I do. I think it’s a great time to be a man. I mean, if you’re going to be miserable at 40 plus, what in gods name are you going to be like when you’re over 65. Cheer up guys, life is great, and it’s certainly too short. That’s what i think, but it’s just my opinion thou 😉


    WTF says:

    It’s about time the world stopped having a go at middle aged men lol. It seems like someone somewhere is always having a pop at us.

      Haans says:

      If you think it’s bad a middle age u wait till you retire. This is the time where u will get slowly nagged to death by everybody in the family. U have 1 foot in the grave as the British peiple say.

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