Moobs are the Boobs that no Man Wants!

The Man BraWhether you call them moobs, man boobs or by the more technically appropriate term gynecomastia, enlargement of the breasts is an issue that distresses many a man as he goes into midlife transition.

The two times that males are most likely to come across the gynecomastia issue are:

  • A few months during puberty
  • After the age of 45.

Around 90% of adolescent males will usually outgrow their budding bosoms pretty fast. Middle-aged men face a far tougher challenge though.

Teenage Moobs

Lots of teenage guys get man boobs about the same time they get their first whiskers. Before the twenty-first century, the condition was a major source of embarrassment in males teens, and it’s not exactly desirable for most lads even today.

Why Young Men Develop Breasts

Asian Singles Online Now! border=What’s going on in a young man’s body is that his testes start producing a lot more testosterone. It helps the muscles bulk out, the voice to lower, and hair to sprout in those masculine locations. Some of that extra testosterone, however, finds its way to the adrenal glands and to fat pads, which is where it gets converted into estrogen.

And because there’s more of this testosterone flowing in the male bloodstream during adolescence than at any other time in his life, there’s more testosterone being converted into estrogen at any time before middle age.

Some of that estrogen makes man boobs. It only lasts a few weeks to a few months. Nearly 70% of teenage males deal with this problem at some time during adolescence, and in 99% of cases it resolves itself.

Why Middle-aged Men Develop Breasts

Guys at or around middle-age can grow bosomy for being overweight, medical reasons, or both. We’ll start by looking at the weight issue first.

What Can a Man Do About his Moobs?

You don’t have to make man boobs a permanent part of your life. Before you start looking at man bras or seeing if your insurance covers breast reduction surgery, try these simple steps to re-establish the hormonal balance that makes breast tissue swell and cause gynecomastia:

Eat less. It’s a fallacy that you can spot reduce man boobs, but if you lose body fat, you don’t need to. Especially fatty fat cells which make the most estrogen.

Take advantage of the fact that fat cells can’t store fat while they are burning fat. Cut your calories and the fat cells will go into fat-burning mode, thus making less estrogen.

The three-hour diet plans, by the way, guarantee you never go into fat-burning mode. You need some space between meals, at least 12 hours in every 24 hours that you don’t eat. This turns off the estrogen factories in your belly and buttocks fat.

Drink less beer as you wage the battle of the bosom. Moobs can actually be an advanced state of the ‘beer belly’. It’s the hops that is the problem, that’s assuming you have healthy liver function.

Enjoy your soy – in small portions. Just 1/2 ounce (15 grams) of edamame, tofu, of miso per day, provides soy compounds that counteract the effects of estrogen in the breast. More than that won’t hurt, of course, but won’t help, either.

Exercise! It’s best to lift weights for losing man boobs. When you push a muscle to its limit, it has to recover and rebuild itself.

While a muscle is recovering, it is 50 times more sensitive to insulin, allowing it to absorb the glucose it uses to make glycogen (the chemical that “pumps up” the muscle, which actually isn’t a protein), and the amino acids it uses to repair the contractile fibers that power muscle strength.

Don’t forget to rehydrate after a workout by drinking water. Water is a component of glycogen. When your insulin is busy building muscle it doesn’t store fat.

If you have a medical issue, of course, you need to get that worked out before you work-out to work-off your man boobs.

Gay Dating

The Medical Causes of Gynecomastia

Moobs in middle-aged men are also caused by excess oestrogens, but there’s an astonishing variety of ways a man can accumulate too much of it in midlife.

Sometimes there is an adrenal tumor that causes production of excess estrogen. It’s a relatively rare condition though. And just because you notice you have developed gynecomastia, this does not mean to say you have an adrenal problem.

Enlargement of the male breasts – due to excessive production of estrogen – also occurs in testicular cancer, but this condition almost never occurs after age 35.

About Estrogen in Men

Sometimes a man’s body loses its ability to recycle the small amount of estrogen the testes ordinarily make. This can occur when there is cirrhosis of the liver. Chronic constipation, and certain kinds of small intestine bacterial overgrowth, can contribute to estrogen excess by keeping “recycled” estrogen inside the body.

Men who are HIV positive sometimes lose their ability to process estrogen. Type 2 diabetes increases estrogen levels during the early stage in which insulin levels are high. Insulin stores fat more efficiently than sugar, fat cells grow, and they turn testosterone into estrogen.

There are a number of drugs and medications that also increase a man’s estrogen levels.

Alcoholic beverages can also cause an excess of estrogen, whether or not they are made with hops. This is because of their effects on the liver.

Chemotherapeutic agents for cancer including alkylating agents, vincristine, methotrexate, nitrosoureas, cisplatin, and imatinib.

Others may include:

  • Cimetidine for acid reflux
  • Digoxin for heart disease
  • Estrogen for prostate cancer
  • Finasteride and dutasteride for prostate enlargement
  • Flutamide for prostate cancer
  • Isoniazid for tuberculosis
  • Ketaconazole for fungal infections
  • Marijuana
  • Medications used to treat HIV
  • Spironolactone for high blood pressure

By the time a man is sick to need one of these medications, about half the time his hormones will have become sufficiently unbalanced to give him some degree of breast enlargement.

There are other times when breast enlargement is something that needs to be checked out by a doctor without delay. These many include:

  • Sudden growth of the breasts,
  • Breast enlargement with nipple discharge,
  • Breast pain with breast enlargement, and
  • Breast enlargement in thin men.

When thin men get man boobs, doctors usually get concerned. It’s normal for fat cells to generate the estrogen that expands breast tissue, but activity elsewhere in a man’s body can be much more problematic.

If you’re over 18 and under 35 and you develop breast enlargement, we can’t say often enough, see your doctor!

Man boobs are “normal” after 45 but before 35 they are usually an ominous sign. If you’re middle-aged, however, plan to spend more time at the gym than at the diner 😉 We think that’s covered everything that a man needs know about his male breasts.

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Readers Comments

    harrystokes says:

    I disagree. Moobs are not the boobs that no man wants. When my gynecomastia began to show itself, I was interested in finding out why it was happening. I don’t have to “worry” about diet so much, but my previously good testosterone level changed over a period of time to a very low one, with something of a corresponding increase in estrogens.

    “So what?” I said, just like sprayME wrote.

    That was months ago. Now I have breasts, they fill a small cup bra and haven’t stopped growing as far as I know.
    I stopped not caring. Now,I love ’em. Not as big as my wife’s, but a nice handful in each. What’s not to like? And I’m old enough to not give a damn about what anybody else thinks.

      Andy Aitch says:

      That’s a lovely way to be harrystokes, and I say good on y’ 😉 But sometimes, though not always, Moobs are a direct result of being clinically obese (just one more drawback to being overweight), and can in fact become really huge on some men.

      In some cases, they’ll jut out from even the thickest and loosest of clothing, and depending on the bloke, the teasing can get a bit much at times.

      I guess if a man’s in good health, then everything else regarding the visible signs of ageing are what you might call ‘high class problems’. I’ve never worried about losing my hair but for some men it drives them to despair and shatters their confidence.

      But a handful of knocker? I didn’t like that at all and eventually did something about it. Next on the list is the gut, but we have a separate article for the ole midlife beer bellies 😉

      Andy Aitch

    sprayME says:

    It’s wrong to assume that all guys find the man boobs unsightly and disgusting. A lot of men couldn’t care less. That’s the way to be when you get to a certain age, wouldn’t you agree?

    Arthur says:

    I would be right with just about everything but cutting down on beer and food… And doing more exercise. Bugger.

    I’m still waiting on some miracle pill to come out that will get rid of my unsightly body fat. I look at photos of myself as a strapping young lad and I can’t help but wonder what happened.

    When did I let myself go, when did all go pear shaped?

    If any younger guys are reading this and you think it wont happen to you then you have another thing coming, you can count on it.

    I thought I would never be overweight but it snuck up on me and now I’m embarassed to take my shirt off at the beach.

    Jamie says:

    I’m a 56 year old man who has 5 sisters an no brothers, and guess what? I’ve got the biggest breasts in our family and I’m not even fat!!!

    Enjoyed the article and will be looking more closely at what i can do (outside of surgery), to reduce the size of my moobs.


      Andy H says:

      Good luck Jamie. Man boobs is kind of a funny topic for those guys who don’t have them, but it’s not quite so amusing for those who do.

        Arthur says:

        Damn right. What goes around comes around though 😉

      rocco says:

      never thinking i be wearing my wife sport bra, she told me you should wear it, i do no one know,hope i never have to wear her bras, she ok about it hope that dont get any biger,

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