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The Biggest Threats that Face Middle-Aged Men in the Twenty-First Century Are Not What You Think They Are.

People need people—at any age—but the older we get, the more this matters. Being alone and being lonely is not the same thing. Alas, many men of middle age end up being both along and lonely, though few would openly admit to it. Loneliness, experts say, is the new silent killer, more deadly than obesity and smoking combined. See, lonely men who live alone don't tend to look after themselves too well.

Healthy eating goes out of the window, exercise is just a word, and bad lifestyle habits become the only comfort. It's a sad situation, but one that's all too common.

What's with the Midlife Lonely Epidemic?

The reasons for this are many and varied, but broken relationships — or no relationships at all — are common causes. There's also desperation and isolation found in loveless relationships. Sometimes couples stay together out of some sense of dried-up loyalty, but they're not doing themselves any favors.  Men are also poor at maintaining friendships, and just when they could use a friend there's no one there.

Five common signs that a man is on a downward spiral may include:

  1. Constant irritability with everything person, place and thing in their lives
  2. Notable loss of libido
  3. Erectile dysfunction or impotence
  4. Persistent fatigue
  5. Depression or just forever fed up

The Power of an Online Community Forum

Internet communities can, and often do, help older men connect with their fellows. It's true, real-world interaction is better than virtual world friendships. Despite this, one must never underestimate the power of connection lonely men can find online.

What's Happened to the 50ish Forum?

For a long time the webmaster of the 50ish Community Forum neglected the project due to time constrains. It's also in much need of a revamp and a fresh publicity campaign to draw more middle-aged me to the rooms. We're working on bringing the community forums back, and it'll be easier to use than ever before. We'll make it bigger than before too, as some folks complained that it was too tiny. In the meantime, please make sure you browse the topical articles on We have lots of great pieces on lifestyle, health, finance, and relationships.

Final Thoughts

Men between the ages of 50 and 65 are among the most vulnerable to the changes that aging brings. There's a growing suicide trend amongst our fellows too, and no one quite knows why. For some reason, men are four times more likely to take their own lives than women. Some suggest it's because the modem man has lost his way and doesn't know where he fits into life as he once did. Others may argue that women are the new men and. But in a world where real men don't want to become the new woman, where does that leave him?

It's good to talk, online or off, and hopefully our midlife forums will help to connect those having a hard time.

~ 50ish.