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Welcome to 50ish.org – the website for Middle-aged Men everywhere

50ish LogoHi, my name is Andy Aitch, founder and webmaster of 50ish.org That’s me on the right here, the Brad Pitt lookalike! At the time of writing this page (December 2011), I’m a 50 year old middle aged man.

With a little prompting and encouragement from friends, I’ve created this dynamic, interactive website. The aim is to help fellow middle-agers discover fun and fulfilment during this central period in a man’s life.

About the Site. Why 50ish.org?

We middle aged men enter an epoch in our lives where we’re no longer young, but we’re certainly not old either. This ‘in-between’ phase can and does bring about numerous challenges for maturing males.

The intention of this project is to be a central meeting place where men between ages 45 and 65 years can join together and explore ways on how to get the most out of middle-age living and lifestyles.

Every middle-aged man at some point will, to a greater or lesser extent, enter a period of mid-life shift and uncertainty of some description.

Some in the medical fraternity refer to parts of a man’s mid-life transition as the male menopause. This expression is often mocked as the ‘man-opause’. The jury’s still out on this as far as I’m concerned, and that’s despite having developed a decent pair of man boobs in recent years.

Articles of Interest: In our writing we look at the positive and negative aspects of the male midlife period. Our well written articles will cover important, interesting, and topical issues. To keep the site ‘on theme’ these pieces will remain specific to living life as middle aged men.

Self Assessment Tests: We also have a neat little tool for doing quick and simple self-assessment quizzes. These anonymous tests can be valuable for discovering various characteristics about yourself, be they related to your physical, emotional, or spiritual make-up.

Some of the tests may help to identify various health conditions, but it’s important to point out that these are only reference guides and not suggestions or professional opinions in any way, shape, or form (see our health disclaimer for more). More tests/quizzes will be uploaded to the site on a regular basis, some just for fun and others more meaningful.

Member’s Forum: The free and interactive forum is where ongoing topical discussions take place in real time. Any new subjects of interest can be fired up by members with a few simple clicks of a mouse.


Crikey, ‘camaraderie’ now that’s an old word! Even so it pretty much sums up the spirit of this site.

As midlife males we ought to absolutely insist on having fun whenever there is fun to be had. Of course, being middle aged is not all flowers and sausages non-stop. Here at FIFTYISH Dot Org we aim to offer resources that help and support our fellows no matter what their state of being.

We also realise that many men are not comfortable expressing their feelings publicly. If anyone reading this can identify, please don’t let it prevent you from having your say.

With the obscurity of cyberspace you can join conversations in our forum or leave comments on our pages while maintaining a level of anonymity if that’s what you want. Hopefully this obscurity will help otherwise shy and reserved members to become more involved in the site and express themselves loud and clear.

Naturally you can be the real you if you want to, and this is our favoured approach. But the point is you really don’t have to identify who you are if you’d rather not.

Come Join us at 50ish.org

It’s the goal of 50ish.org to give mid-life man a place to come and air his views, voice his concerns, read up on the facts of aging, and perhaps most importantly, help prevent him from turning into a grumpy ole sod as he grows ever closer towards old age.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the discussions whatever their age or gender. The only thing we ask is that the comments and forum posts don’t drift away from their core focus.

We hope FIFTYISH will bring joy and perspective into the lives of all who patronise the site so that we can march forward into male midlife with vigour, enthusiasm, and a passion to enjoy ourselves no matter what.

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer

Most of the articles, self assessment tests, and forum discussions will be centered around the following 4 topics: middle age health, middle aged finance, middle aged relationships, and middle aged lifestyles.

Please enjoy the site. It is our NEW community and we want it to become the best possible meeting place for men of middle age everywhere.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or complaints, please contact me personally using the form here. I look forward to, and welcome any feedback from visitors and members, be that positive appraisal, site suggestions, or constructive criticism.

About Andy Aitch

Musician, writer, netentrepreneur and founder of 50ish.org, the site created for uniting middle-aged men the world over.

Motto: a man is not old until his dreams become his regrets

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