Do Thai Women Really Prefer Older Men?

Pretty Young Thai WomanThere are beautiful women all over the planet, but there is just something extremely alluring about Asians, and especially the Thais. The entire race is so incredibly beautiful, it’s often joked that some of the best looking women in the country are in fact men!

So many Single Thai Women yet so few Available Guys!

There are literally hundreds of thousands of single Thai women, not only in Thailand but all over the world’s major towns and cities.

Thailand’s women consider themselves well and truly ‘on the shelf ‘ if still single at 30.

They don’t seem to mind forming new relationships with much older men either. You see, Thai women look for love, security and respect from a partner, something many complain they just don’t get when marrying into their own kind and age group.

The more mature guys don’t tend to “butterfly” (a Thai term used to describe unfaithful men flitting between partners). Middle-aged men, according to the Thais, offer more stability, and that’s important because separation and divorce is less acceptable within their culture.

Not Everyone Agrees with Age-gap Relationships

The people most against older men having younger Thai girlfriends, or wives, are usually ex-wives and their children, especially if the new woman in Dad’s life happens to be younger than his kids. Of course, there will always be a few jealous onlookers too – usually men! 😉

Thailand is the Land of Smiles, and for Good Reason

Thais of all ages are very easy going and it really is hard to fall out with a ‘good Thai girl’. They’re serious about marriage, they love to socialize, they’re playful, and they’re vain, in a lovely way of course! Below are some nice shots of attractive Thai women (click to enlarge)

Young Thai Bride Thai Party Girls Playful Thai Girlfriend Vain Thai Girl

And if pretty Thai women are not your thing, perhaps the shot below is more up your alley 😉

view image

The Creed and the Colour and the Name don’t Matter!

The cultural, race, religious, and age differences don’t carry the same stigma among Thais as they do with folks back in the West. You may find a white, 50 year old atheist man, happily married to a 23 year old Thai Buddhist woman. And if asked whether or not they are content, they’ll most likely say they’re as happy as pigs in muck – and mean it too!

It’s a GOLD DIGGING SCAM! Isn’t it?

Online Money ScamsMany people think that such relationships are blatant scams as street-savvy Thai girls lurk in the shadows waiting to hook silly old men and bleed them dry.

Sure there are scammers around, but let’s consider where such sob stories come from. More often than not they’re gripes posted on internet forums by disgruntled sex tourists that fly to Thailand on short vacations.

They meet, and fall in love, with pretty young Thai women in houses of ill repute. They then have an idea to ‘rescue’ them with their wallets. The plan is to whisk them away and live happily ever after.

“Pretty Young Woman Seeks Loot” – Not Love!

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of these girls choose to work in tourist GoGo bars. They’re just not looking to be liberated from their profession by passing tourists.

Furthermore, many will be in latent relationships with Thai men of a similar age to themselves. The main aim of these girls, and their boyfriends, is to make as much money from gullible tourists as they can. If they’re good at what they do, and most of them are, they triumph.

Tip: If you’re looking for a serious relationship with a Thai, then STAY OUT OF THE BARS! Try to make your stay a long one if you can. If you plan to hang around the capital, then you can save money by renting a place as opposed to forking out for a costly hotel or noisy guest house. Mr. Roomfinder is a good site for finding smart studios and stylish one bed Bangkok Condos at affordable rates. There are lots of online property finders for other parts of the country.

Strange Advice from a Thai MP

In August, 2012, a Thai MP named Sunai Julphongsathorn, urged Thai women to marry a Farang (a white Western foreigner), if they wanted a better life. He gives all manner reasons to back up his statements, some controversial even, but his message was clear; “If you want to be freed from the shackles of misery, find a western husband”.

Where to Meet Thai Singles Online?

First off, let us say where NOT to meet Thai single women, and that is the free online dating sites. They attract scammers by the bucket load. Fee-based dating websites have a much higher percentage of members that are serious about finding compatible partners.

The renowned ThaiLoveLinks is one such site. Thai Love Links literally has 1000’s of single Thai women online 365 days of the year, most of whom are looking for love, in particular with white foreigners.

If you’re a single man, and would genuinely like to form relationships with beautiful young Thai women, then you could literally be making new friends within 10 minutes of reading this page. If being friendly, sexy, loving, tolerant, and stunningly beautiful are characteristics you like in a woman, then the Thais are for you, but a few words or warning.

Beware of Love at First Sight!

It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful face, sultry lips, a striking smile, and a stunning body, but be careful! Take your time and get to know someone before moving the relationship up a notch. Cute and sexy might well be captivating attributes, but alone they won’t last forever.

Make sure you both get along on a few levels. Think with a cool head, and ignore what your pocket-rocket is shouting from below. Follow these simple suggestions and you too could soon become another happy chappy living in marital bliss with his very own Thai lovely.

Thai Gay Singles also looking for Friendships & Romance Online

Cute Thai GuySingle Thai gay men are, like their female counterparts, extremely cute too, and there’s no shortage of Thai gay males looking for relationships with foreigners. Whether you’re seeking a gay Thai man, or a Thai ladyboy (katoey), you can find them all using the Thai Love links search feature. is no authority on same-sex or third-sex dating, so you might want to explore other websites or forums that cater specifically for these niches.

By Toby Strowger | 50ish Site Contributor
Toby Strowger is a men’s lifestyle writer for

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Readers Comments

    thai people says:

    why you say about thai people, please specify from where they come from? which language they speak? because thailand consist of people of various origins (Isan, Lanna, Khmer, Siam, Bak Dai Malay peoples) and we speak different languages and have different cultures.

    Stop saying the global term “Thai”, this makes me confused.

    It is known that women from thailand married to western men tend to be Isan women. Isan people are insulted by the rest of the country, this is a culture shock. By getting Isan women to date, you become a ZERO respect. I myself is laughting at you.

      larry wilson says:

      why so hard on Isan women? she is only trying to do what other Thai women are doing. I fiind Thai women beautiful, and from all over Thailand.

    penguin says:

    I have a friend who was in relationship with a western women his own age.

    Now he pays her half of everything he earns, and also supports his children.

    Watch out for western women.

    tukkata says:

    it depends. thai girls with thai men are too young to be wives, and tend to cohibit with young thai men without registering their marriage.
    but women from thailand with western men are very old, aged at least 40 years old, not young and generally divorced. importantly, they are ugly in thais’ eyes.

    Graham says:

    Hi Garry. Thanks for your comments. I met a very nice Thai lady while I was in Thailand around 18 months ago. I was there from Australia to just get away from work for a while. We are currently in Australia and can honestly say we are more and more in Love every month. My fiancé and I do everything together and she is so beautiful to me. We do everything together and when I come home from work she still runs outside to give me the biggest hug and kiss I would never get from a western woman. I want to say my Thai lady acts like a lady and that’s why I love her so much. I am 20 years older than her 53 / 33 and the only thing I don’t like is sometimes we get glares when we are in shopping centres but my lady doesn’t care, she wants to hold hands anywhere we go. I have never been treated so good, I don’t spend a lot of money on her. She is my perfect lady and she acts like a lady, more than I can say about a lot of western women

      Ronnie M says:

      Great story! I’m so glad you are happy as well as your lady……screw what other people say, when you get stared at while shopping both of you turn around and smile. IM HAPPY FOR YOU
      P.S does your wife have any friends looking for a sensitive, happy, fun hillbilly from Tennessee? Lol

    Gerry says:

    I am 51 and have travelled a little and dated women from all over the world Some stunning some just ok.
    Most of the women were professional solicitors, doctors, scientist…but I could take or leave no matter how good looking they were or what they had to offer.(I am a working class guy who can chat nothing more) I have travelled to Thailand recently and met a beautiful girl some twenty years younger than me and I can say she is everything I could hope to find in a woman.
    Beautiful, smart, sincere, rings me every day and without doubt genuine. ….but what does she really want ? I can say a secure future, love,trust and a good guy who is not a butterfly. she is not greedy and has never asked for money.
    I am sure she is in no way perfect but the same goes for me.
    But it depends on what you want and where you go looking for it.
    Cast your net in the sewer and you should know what you will get.

    Kim Tuffin says:

    Hi Andy
    Thanks for an insightful post which I can see has generated some good comments.
    I would like to think all Thai girls are honest and that all western guys “farangs” are the same!!.. but we all know or should that in the real world this is not so!
    Whether you seek a Thai girl or one from any other country just beware..

    Thai says:

    I agree your idea. Good choice. Thai women are the most stunning women on this planet. There are no ugly Thai women, you know? I mean, Thai women are thin and small. OK, some Western guys complain about too skinny Thai ladies but they are beautiful. What else do you need from a girl?

    Oldfart says:

    This article is bull. They don´t love a belly heavy bald guy in the 50´. They love his money. Have been to Thailand once!!!! will never go there again!!!!!. Totally hated the place, superficial niceness I was a walking ATM in their eyes. Go to Sicily if you want to meet genuine and friendly people. Men who marry Thai women are out of their minds. Far, far too many bad stories of gold-digging scum. I guess you stand a better chance with a Russian even if my hopes aren’t high. I do not buy in to this story about no problem with age difference. It is a convenient lie, for lonely men – as myself – i might add. Embrace the facts…. no you are not attractive for the local women and get over it. Make friends, get a hobby, do what you want, travel and so on. Life does not revolve around having a female in your life. Enjoy the freedom and the betterment for your personal finances.

      Andy Aitch says:

      Thanks for your comments Oldfart.

      I’m not sure your opening remarks about the article being bull are quite fair though? The post does talk about gullible tourists. It also talks about the older men younger woman relationships being based around financial security more so than genuine love. It also mentions the dangers or striking up relationships in girly bars.

      That said; financial security is very important to those uneducated women that come from poor backgrounds. And although they might not be getting their candles lit by older men, they might still like the chap and the arrangement (if he’s a nice guy), and just be happy and grateful with that.

      It’s not all doom and gloom, and there are plenty of these relationships that DO work, but no one posts about them because there’s nothing of interest to talk about. Internet readers on the topic much prefer to read and contribute to the sob stories and rip-offs of the old man / lady bar type of failed relationships.

      There is good and bad everywhere, and short term tourist that hang out in the notorious red light districts looking for that ‘perfect woman’, usually get the bad experiences that so many men love gripe about on blogs and internet forums.

      But there’s a lot of beauty in Thailand, in its county, its people, and their culture. I guess it all depends on the type of visit a man makes here which will determine his perceived experience and outlook.

      Thanks once again for your remarks. All comments are appreciated.

      Sid says:

      It’s no wonder middle age men become the laughing stock of the world when middle age men themselves refer to their peers as “belly heavy bald guys in their 50s”, as this poster did. He’s just one of many that seem to constantly mock their fellows. What’s so bad about being middle age anyway?

      Bill says:

      I tend to agree with you. I am happily married, but if I am the surviving spouse I will not re-marry. It takes years to get to know someone. I have many friends and don’t mind solitude when I am not with them. Nothing against women but when a guy gets older he can get companionship from his friends and he can pay for help around the house. Marriage later in life brings too many complications. I think I will adopt an older Springer Spaniel.

        Gary says:

        I have lived in Thailand for 8 years(from the U.S.). I have known and seen everything that goes on here. Issan girls in particular have grown up seeing the bar girls from Pattaya and Phuket moving back home buying homes and cars with a farang (foreigner) in tow. It is to the point now where families train and coach there daughters along the foreign marrying scene. It is a boon for the family.
        When I first came here I cannot tell you the number of women that I ran into with this single goal in mind. Quite amazing really. And a good reason for you to keep a cool head at all times here in S.E. Asia. Most foreign men do not realize or do not really believe what is going on.
        Enjoy yourself here and have a good time is my advice. Do NOT spend your hard earned money here. ONLY spend what you can afford to loose. Because in the end you will loose it without question.
        Wonderful place to spend your later years IMO. Just be mindful that it is a graveyard full of foreigner’s that have been duped out of there money.

    MrUglyMug says:

    Everybody wants to be with somebody for something. If the arrangement is financial and both parties are happy then good for them. She’s getting what she wants. He’s getting what he wants. Love and lust only lasts for so long in any relationship. My wife is my age – but i wish she wasn’t :(

      Jay says:

      I thought so and I agree is that Thai Ladies don’t really want older men like
      They say they do is all they really want is their wallets NOT LOVE, I believe
      And agree with those comments and therefore all I want is real LOVE NOT Thai Ladies After All Fakes is not for
      Me !!!!!

    Rene says:

    I don’t think Thai women like older men as much as they do older men’s wallets!

      Bobby1948 says:

      Rene, I understand where you’re coming from, but it’s really not like that in many South East Asian countries. I live in Malaysia and my wife is 19 years younger than me. The age thing (within reason) tis not the issue that it is in Western countries. They really do like the more mature, and stable relationships with older blokes.

      The Far East is a different kettle of fish, but SEA, no problem at all with age differences. In fact, I know many older men find Thai wives for this very reason.


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