Man’s Relationship with Women’s Boobs

It’s a well known fact that most men’s eyes tend to gravitate towards most women’s breasts. But what is it that heterosexual men find so attractive in a women’s hooters? And are those bigger breasts always more attractive in a man’s eyes?

Busty young womanWhat do you call them?

There are countless pet names given to a woman’s fun bags, most of which are made up by men. Many are funny, some personal, and others just plain vulgar. We’ve added a few to this post in our attempt to amuse ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now we don’t pretend to have all the answers, but below here are 10 little known, and fascinating facts, about man’s relationship with women’s breasts.

Hopefully our collection of verities here will help to explain the phenomenon better ๐Ÿ˜‰

bullet multi color Fact 1: Climate Change!

When it comes to breasts, men are attracted to what they see less often. This means your average male is less attracted to a woman’s bra bullets in the summer than during the winter. No surprise then that men are less drawn to boobs in tropical climates than in cold climates.

So it comes as no revelation then why men from cultures whose women are always fully clothed in public, tend to be especially ‘appreciative’ of a lady’s bosoms.

bullet multi color Fact 2: It all begins with Motherly Love

Men are hard-wired to respond to anything that reminds them of nursing at their mothers’ breasts. If mother nurses her son while wearing perfume (the experiments were performed with chamomile), then years later he will associate that odor with breasts. This is also why some men get turned on, strange as it may sound, by drinking milk.

If a mother holds her son at her breast while feeding him formula flavoured with vanilla, guess what? The rest of his life he will associate vanilla, even if trace quantities, with being at his mother’s breast, albeit subconsciously.

bullet multi colorFact 3: Facing the Fetish

When a man is looking a woman in the eyes, he is still thinking about her shoulder boulders. Psychologists have found that men learn to associate facial skin tone and facial features with breast size and shape. Facial cues give men hints about the rest of a woman’s body.

bullet multi color Fact 4: The Viewpoint!

Men typically prefer to look at breasts head-on rather than from the side. While too much should not be read into this finding, social researchers have found that men are more sexually engaged when they look down at a woman’s breasts than when they look over to them.

bullet multi color Fact 5: Big Size Matters

Men are generally turned on by larger jugs of women who appear not to have had children. If breasts are ‘perky’ then size makes them even more attractive.

bullet multi color Fact 6: Small Size Matters

Men are turned off by larger breasts of women who have had children. When her fun bags droop, smaller knockers are more attractive than the larger mammaries. Mature women are found to be more attractive if they have smaller breasts.

bullet multi color Fact 7: Man’s Relationship with Breasts

Psychologists at the University of Wroclaw in Poland found, not surprisingly to most of us, that men who are looking for short-term, low-commitment relationships, tend to prefer those women who have large chest-bollocks.

And men who are looking for long-term, high-commitment relationships, tend to prefer women who have smaller baps.

bullet multi color Fact 8: Average Boobs Win Hands Down!

‘Beautiful’ breasts, for most male observers, are not necessarily sexually attractive. German researchers have found that “average” bon-bons tend to be considered more beautiful than those that are unusual in shape, color, or size. Men are not necessarily turned on by the aesthetics of the female buzoom. This is to say cosmetic procedures usually do more for the woman than for the man or men in her life.

bullet multi color Fact 9: The Areola Phenomenon

The areola (brown tissue around the nipple) is more attractive when larger in women of child-bearing age, but more attractive if smaller in women past reproductive age.

bullet multi color Fact 10: Men don’t trust Women with Big Bazongas

Many blokes avoid women with larger breasts because of an assumption that they are less likely to be faithful to them. This doesn’t mean it’s so, it just means some men think it is.

Those guys looking for mothers for their children seldom settle for the woman who is the most endowed – at least in most European, Asian, and American cultures.


That’s all Folks ๐Ÿ˜‰

This sums up what we know about women’s lubadubs and men’s fascination with them. If you’d like to have your say on this topic, then please leave your comments below or start/join the conversation in the 50ish forum;)

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