Men Rejecting their 5 a Day

Dads have always been the first to tell their offspring to eat up lots of fruit and vegetables, yet a staggering amount of men are unconvinced by their own advice. Why?

5-a-Day Fruit and VegIt seems that men in general are way more sceptical than women when the latest ‘what’s good for us’ reports get published.

Guys tend to think this ‘healthy-eating’ malarkey is hogwash and will happily point out the many inconsistencies that have occurred over the years with various food types.

What’s Good Today is Bad Tomorrow!

Perhaps they have a point? We did some research here at and found a number of contradictions in what’s currently good and what’s not. The foods and beverages we’ve listed below are just a tiny handful of examples that have swung backwards and forwards over the years with regards to them being healthy, unhealthy, or neutral.

Popular Foods & Beverages that Bounce in and out of Favour include:

Eggs; red meat; peanut butter; potatoes; sugar; wine & beer; fruit juice; breads; bananas; poultry; coffee & tea; milk; energy drinks; coconut and coconut oil, and so the list goes on…

Eating this or Drinking that MAY have health benefits!

As men grow older they often become less trusting and more inquiring about the so called facts that are presented to us by world renowned nutritionists and other medical professionals. Once again, they could have a point. After all, how many reports do we read that say something along the lines of:
The Confusing Message with Food

  • 5 fruit & veg daily MAY lengthen life expectancy.
  • Red wine MIGHT help block fat cells from forming.
  • Diet high in fish and nuts COULD cut pancreatic cancer risk.
  • POSSIBLE positive effects of nuts on cancer.

Ad infinitum…

The video (above right), kind of highlights the confusion out there among the general public.

More Doctors Smoke Camel than any other Cigarette

Heck, even cigarettes were once promoted as being good for our health, although tobacco, unlike food and drink, has not swung back and forth once its dangers were discovered.

Men have Less Willpower than Women

Most men would admit to having less control than women when it comes to adhering to a healthy diet. Their casual attitude towards eating healthily stems from a reluctance to believe what they read about as it’s announced.

Men are usually the ones who will comment on how their Great Uncle Bob lived for 88 years despite eating like a trooper and smoking like a chimney all his life, but really?

What our man probably won’t make public is that his dear Uncle Bob had no quality of life in his final years of existence due to poor health!

It takes what it takes

Sadly, even when scientific facts point to the true benefits of a healthy diet in general, men will still cling to the contradictions they have stored in their memory and only take heed of what they want to believe in and disregard the rest (denial used to eat what they want, when they want, perhaps?). No new studies, peer pressure, or visible evidence will sway our man unless he’s ready to sit up and take note.

Bad Eating Habits kill more Men than Healthy Consumption

Maturing men know in their heart of hearts whether they’re eating right or not though, simply by the way they look, feel, and function as human beings. And if they not happy with any or all of the above, then they could do much worse things than embracing a healthier lifestyle to include both diet and exercise – at any age!

Do Women Live Longer because of their Diet?

Women live longer than men generally, but is this really because males are less likely to consume their 5 a day? Hardly! Research shows that women in the industrialized world don’t suffer killer diseases, such as heart attack and stroke, for up to 10 years later than their male counterparts, and this is more down to their genetic make-up than their lifestyle choices.

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You might also want to read: Apparently “Real Men” Don’t Eat Veggies Either, which could be another underlying cause as to why modern man is shunning his veggies!

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Readers Comments

    Jess says:

    I’m almost 60 years old, as fit as a fiddle, and never knowingly eaten vegetables my entire life. Make what you want of that.

    tornado says:

    The hardest part of the 5 a day is the shopping. This is true more so if the man lives alone. But once the food is in, consuming it is easier than brushing your teeth. I eat at least 5 a day, every day, but can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in health and fitness levels since I started doing it, so I’ll just have to believe the experts when they tell me it’s all good stuff. Tim.

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