The Quality of a Man’s Sperm Declines as he Ages

There’s an increase in older men fathering children today, when in the past they would have been enjoying grandfatherhood. However, a new study of genes in Icelandic parents and children has confirmed the sperm of men does, in most cases, decline with age.

The Sperm of Aging MenThe Potential for Health Risks

Although there’s no real breakthrough in the above finding, what is a news is that this decline can be passed on directly to the offspring of the aging dads. This in turn may result in potential health issues within the children as they grow.

Older Dads pass on more Mutations

Despite lots men being able to father children at any age, they’re still advised to start a family early in life in order to reduce the risk of having unhealthy babies. With more mature dads (middle-aged and older), the likelihood of a baby being born with genetic mutations is double.

This landmark study has revealed that most genetic mutations that arise in children are actually passed down by the father’s sperm rather than the eggs of the mother.

Not all mutations are Harmful

It’s important to point out that the majority of mutations are totally harmless, and every man’s sperm acquires random mutations. However, the older he becomes, the more mutations there are, which in turn increases the risk for diseases, including autism and schizophrenia.

A Woman’s Body knows when to stop!

Because women have menopause, thus preventing them from reproducing past a certain age, it is the ageing male, not the female, who needs to heed the findings of this study. It’s even suggested that men who expect to father later in life, i.e. 40 years and older, should perhaps consider banking their sperm while they’re still young, in order to protect any future offspring from possible disease.

The discoveries in this report are not published to alarm men who want to start a family in their middle years, but to make them aware of the potential drawbacks of fathering later in life. There are many older dads that father perfectly healthy children all the time, but with age, there does comes an increased risk.

Who’s the Mother?

There is one other major drawback for men wanting to become new fathers at middle-age and older, and that is they generally need to have a much younger partner. Now that is lot easier said than done in most cases, but those older man, younger woman relationships are something for another article πŸ˜‰

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How Old can a Dad be? A Brief History

It seems there are no limits as to how old some men can father kids. Here are just a few that we have come across here at, starting with the world’s oldest and finishing on a few celebrities you might know πŸ˜‰

94 Year Old Ramjeet Raghav | View Image
Location: northern India. World’s Oldest Father

92 Year Old Les Colley | No Image
Location: Australia.

90 Year Old Nanu Ram Jogi | View Image
Location: India. Former World’s Oldest Father has 21st child at 90

88 Year Old Virmaram Jat | View Image
Location: India

79 Year Old Raymond Calvert | View Image
Location: UK Britian’s oldest father

Male Celebrities you may know.
All the men below had children later in life (list in alphabetical order):

Anthony Quinn (at 81), Augustus John (at 47), Charlie Chaplin (at 73), David Bowie (at 53), David Jason (61), David Letterman (at 56), Dennis Quaid (at 50), Des O’Connor (at 72), Eric Clapton (at 59), Frank Skinner (at 55), Gordon Brown (at 54), John Humphrys (at 56), John Simpson (at 61), Jonathan Dimbleby (at 62), Julio Iglesias Sr. (father of the singer Julio, at 89), Kelsey Grammer (at 55), Ken Livingstone (at 57), Kevin Costner (at 55), Larry King (at 65 and 66), Michael Douglas (at 58), Mick Hucknall (at 47), Mick Jagger (at 57), Mike Oldfield (at 54), Pablo Picasso (at 68) and Luciano Pavarotti (twins at 67), Paul McCartney (at 61), Phil Collins (at 51), Pierre Trudeau (at 72), Rick Parfitt (at 59), Ritchie Blackmore (at 65), Rod Stewart (at 66), Rupert Murdoch (at 72), Saul Bellow (at 84), Tony Blair (at 45), Van Morrison (allegedly at 64), Warren Beatty (at 62), and Jack Nicholson (at 53), Woody Allen (at 51).

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Readers Comments

    Dale says:

    I would sure like to find a young woman between 20 and 30.
    I am very healthy and have proven blood lines.
    Everything works fine.

    Andy Aitch says:

    I know an English bloke who had his first child at 72. That was 3 years ago now and both father and child are doing very well thank you very much. His wife is just 24 and quite a looker. I don’t know how some of these guys do it, but they do nonetheless lol πŸ™‚

    AndyPandy says:

    I know of a guy in my street who’s just fathered a healthy child at age 66. His Asian wife (who’s nowhere near 66 lol), calls him golden balls. Doesn’t bare thinking about, does it πŸ˜‰

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