New Concerns on Renal Failure Risk among Middle-aged

We’ve come across a report published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. It points out that the global rates of kidney failure are increasing precipitously as we age. Like many serious health complaints, it seems that the middle-aged male is at a higher risk than his female counterpart of developing the condition.

What Are The Consequences Of Chronic Renal Failure?

Once a kidney fails, there’s no way to repair it. The only hope is for a kidney transplant from a compatible donor, but this isn’t likely to happen if the victim is elderly. So in order to stay alive the patient will have to go on permanent dialysis.

Dialysis is a treatment where a mechanical device filters the blood to rid the body of harmful toxins previously caught by a healthy functioning kidney.

Is Kidney Failure Preventable?

As we get older, body parts will weaken and wear out naturally, and there’s little or nothing that can be done to prevent this. Having said that, living a healthy balanced lifestyle, to include nourishing foods and regular exercise, can and does, go a long way towards keeping both body and mind in good shape when compared to someone who has lived an opposite lifestyle.

Keeping Kidneys in Good Working Order

Prevention is always better than cure, of course, and the suggestions given to help evade kidney failure are quite broad in as much as the same or similar advice is given for many other pre-emptive health tips. Here are the most common recommendations:

  • Monitor, and control blood pressure at all cost (Free BP guide in right column)
  • If you smoke – quit!
  • Stop or cut down on alcohol consumption
  • Stay hydrated – with water mainly.

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Further reading: There’s plenty of in-depth material on all things related to Kidney at the American Society of Nephrology.

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