Cattle’s Revenge on Man!

If you’re a man who loves to sink his bony gnashers into thick, moist, cuts of dead animal flesh, then you might want reconsider, especially if you consume lots of red meat. This will only be of interest to those that want to live as long and as healthy as they possibly can?

Meat Eating ManMost men will admit to loving the taste and texture of tender steak, succulent burgers, and various other cuts of cooked flesh, far too much to care about any negative health repercussions?

Why is it so Unhealthy?

Researchers believe it’s the saturated fat found in red meats is most likely the cause behind the increased health risk.

With processed meats, it is the sodium used that is said to have a detrimental effect on blood pressure, and all the health complications associated with that.

Popular red meat alternatives usually include chicken (the white flesh), fish, and nuts.

Red Meat Defined

We often think of red meat as cuts of beef, but the list is actually longer and more complex than that. Red meat refers to any adult mammal, plus some fowl and game, that has red coloured flesh when in its raw state. These include:

  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Horses
  • Duck and goose
  • Game (some species)

There’s more to the red meat list than the commonly consumed items above. You can find a fuller explanation here if you’d like to learn all the details.

Less Red Meat = More Life for Living

A new UK study (of global implication), has revealed that by cutting down on red meat, along with processed varieties, reduces the risk of killer chronic illness by up to 12 percent nationwide. Now that’s one significant finding.

Furthermore, there are food experts out there that truly believe a lot of the processed meats we consume today should not even be classed as ‘fit for human consumption’. Now that is scary!

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So what’s New in this Latest Study?

Previous research has already been done on red meat consumption. It revealed that an overindulgence does in fact increase the risk of heart disease and bowel cancer. But this new study goes much further than that and joins up more dots.

Moderation is the Key

If a man reduces his red meat consumption from 91g (3.2 oz.) to 53g (1.8 oz.) daily (that’s 54g (1.2 oz.) to 30g (1.05 oz.) for women), then his risk of chronic sicknesses could drop by up to 12% in a best case scenario. More on these findings at Medical Daily.

The conversation never stops on this topic, and new stuff is being revealed, or contradicted, constantly. Perhaps the solution to the problem is the same as any other health alert in that all things are fine in moderation, including ‘moderation’. Alas, temperance is perhaps not one of the better characteristics of 21st century man!

View the video below for an American take on this topic.

Study- Red Meat Increases Risk of Premature Death

Forget the Caloritic Count

Did you know that not all calories are equal? What we mean by that is this; If you consume X amount of calories from meats and daily products, and the exact same amount of calories from fruit and vegetables, you are going to lose more weight with the plant based diet than the meat and dairy one. Just one more great reason to reduce the meat intake.

Meat and Weight Gain in the PANACEA Study

Cattle-breeding is a Major Factor for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Reducing our demand for red meats can also improve the health of the planet by reducing the cattle carbon footprint.

Domesticated livestock is a problem. It produces 18% of the world’s anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. That’s actually a bigger share than all the world’s transport.

How Cattle Contributes to Climate Change

Put bluntly, cattle farts, dung, urine, and belching, is a major source of the greenhouse gas methane (CH4), though the problem only exists because of man’s hunger for meat.

With our insatiable appetite for beef and dairy products, comes the need for additional cattle rearing. As a consequence of this demand, new land is made available for the beast population to breed and graze still more.

Here’s a report from a few years back that you might want to read. It’s entitled Livestock – a major threat to environment. Since then the problems have, if anything, got worse

Despite this, and other studies like it, will today’s man still love to eat his red meat enough to die for it? Only time will tell. Please leave comments if you’d like to have your say.

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Readers Comments

    Andy Aitch says:

    I think Bobby is right to some extent. There’s a great 3 part series by the BBC called The Truth About Exercise; The Truth About Fat; and The Truth About Vitamins. It certainly opened my eyes to the whole concept of health, food and weight loss.

    gangly says:

    If people weren’t so greedy, and they are, you can tell this just by how fat entire nations have become, then there wouldn’t be any need for all these food scares.

      Bobby says:

      Not true. Most of it is about lack of eduction. A lot of procesed foods (espcially meats), mess with our body in different ways to the foods we used to eat. People don’t realise this, so education tis the key.


    tornado says:

    I rarely eat meat these days, not for any moral or religious reasons. I was out chewing on a medium rare steak one evening when a vegetarian friend of mine said something about how disgusting it is to chew on bits of dead animals like some Neanderthal. I never really thought of it in those terms before but it was enough to put me off all red cuts of meat. She did me a favour really I suppose. Tim.

      OzEila says:

      I don’t know how any meat eater can have vegitarian or vegan mates. Those types of bloody relationships are harder work than gay and straight ones. Here in Oz, you never see these carrot crunching sorts at at a good ole barbi.

      Meat is the tucker of men, and i think it’s essential for a healthy diet. All this health scare malarkey is only for them lot that overindulge.

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