Middle-aged Men falling in Love with Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery for men of middle age is now pretty routine in modern society. Today’s over 40s male is so obsessed with preserving his youthful good looks that Botox, fillers, implants, and various other nips and tucks, have become part of the accepted banter at local watering holes.

Man in need of Cosmetic SurgeryNot everyone is Impressed!

Most wives and girlfriends of these guys don’t seem to appreciate their men having cosmetic surgery, face-lifts in particular. They think facial renovation leaves their partners looking more like power-lesbians, or failed drag queens, than younger versions of themselves. It’s an appearance, they say, that can be a huge turn off.

“Honey, you used to look your age. Now you don’t even look your species!” ~ Greg Giraldo

Is this a Man’s Mid-knife Crisis

Men of a certain age have always been ridiculed for having a midlife crisis of sorts. Outward signs of this would manifest in childlike behaviours, a younger wardrobe, an obsession with health & fitness, hanging out in younger venues, and the acquirement of a shiny new sports car, complete with a much younger women for those able to do so.

It appears the male midlife crisis has evolved into a kind of mid-knife crisis. Reports have shown that almost one third of men in the throes of middle age are bypassing red sports cars, smart leather jackets, and whatnot, for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

What is the Most Popular Plastic Surgery for Men?

There are basically 2 types of cosmetic surgery; invasive (under the knife), and minimally or non-evasive procedures . Below is a shortlist of the most popular cosmetic processes for middle-aged men at the time of writing.

Top 3 Minimally Non-invasive Procedures:

  1. Botox,
  2. Microdermabrasion.
  3. Laser hair removal

Top 6 Invasive Procedures for Men include

  1. Full neck and face-lift
  2. Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty)
  3. Eyelid surgery
  4. Ear pinning
  5. Liposuction
  6. Male breast reduction

It’s important to point out here that not all cosmetic surgery is done for reasons of vanity. Most of it is, but not all, as we’ve outlined below:

Unfortunate Features

Some men have what you might call ‘unfortunately features’ that need correcting if they are to feel better about themselves as people. Unsightly birthmarks, a hideous looking nose, or large ears that stick right out, are 3 such examples where plastic surgery can help.

Accident or Illness

There are men that become disfigured or maimed in some way because of accidents or illness. Plastic surgery can be useful here in helping them cope and recover from such events.

The Race for Jobs

Due to so much latent ageism going on in the employment markets these days, a growing number of men are having cosmetic surgery for no other reason than to help them compete with younger applicants. Unfortunately, youthfulness has a definite advantage.

How much does Cosmetic Surgery Cost for Men?

Dollar symbolAlthough men and women share some of the same nips and tucks as each other, there are certain procedures that are unique, or more commonly carried out by each gender.

So just how much does plastic surgery cost for men? Well, actually that’s an impossible question to answer.

There are many factors to consider when pricing up procedures, particularly facial enhancements.

So it’s difficult to generalise because your size, age, procedure (obviously), the surgeon, and the region or county, all play a significant role in the determining the fees.

Go to Thailand for Cosmetic Surgery

Thai katoeyIn recent years, Thailand has become somewhat of a hub for medical tourism, and that includes cosmetic surgery. The country’s doctors are said to have advanced medical knowledge in all the newest technology and procedures.

Thai plastic surgeons enjoy a fantastic reputation. They adopt the latest sophisticated techniques, and are renowned for their artistic mastery in the theatre.

It’s not surprising when you think about it. Both Thai men and Thai women are incredibly vain by nature, and those that can afford it, give the surgeons plenty to practice on, especially the famous ladyboys, aka the third sex. Ladyboys, it seems, spend half of their youth going under the knife as they transform from femboy to ladyboy to katoey, and beautiful they become too.


The visible signs of ageing never used to bother men the way it does today. Even if the technology and cash was available a couple of generations ago, it’s highly unlikely that the dads and granddads of yesteryear would have bothered with any of it.

Middle-aged men in the twenty-first century are not as rough and rugged as they once were. They are so much more in touch with their feminine side – something welcomed by the majority of modem women. Whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen, but the softer, gentler male is no longer confined to the characteristics of gay men as it once was.

Obviously no middle-aged western guys can ever acquire the gorgeous soft lines of a Thai ladyboy, or Asian femboy, but they will continue to strive for as much boyishness as the surgeon’s knife can cut out of them, and there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

Article Written By Toby Strowger | 50ish Site Contributor
Toby Strowger is a men’s lifestyle writer for 50ish.org

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Readers Comments

    Andy Aitch says:

    If having cosmetic surgery makes a man feel better about himself, then it has worked for ‘him’, and that can only be a good thing, shallow or not.

    tornado says:

    Oh the surgeons knife might cut deep but his patients are so, so, shallow. not meaning to sound horrible, but what is it with men these days? My son tells me that there’s even male makeup on the high street and it’s selling like hot cakes by all accounts. Tut tut tut! Tim.

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