50ish.org Seeking Site Sponsor/Partners in 2013

50ish.org has been live since September 2011. It has been built from scratch and carefully put together with dedication and enthusiasm to create a style that is quite unique. In other words, this is not a project based on one of the many templates that can be purchased off-the-shelf.

50ish Intro VidAbout this Interactive Project

This is a dynamic website which includes a new community forum. It’s a dependable and exciting project set to become authoritative in its niche. 50ish.org is not a passing fad and will be around for many, many years to come, improving greatly as it develops.


A Straightforward Concept with a Clearly Defined Audience.

The concept is simple, and the potential for new content is inexhaustible. 50ish.org is a community based project as well as a site rich in topical content. It’s managed by middle-aged men covering topical issues for men of middle age – wherever they happen to be in the world.

Moreover, this is a website and community forum with a real face behind the name, something which is quite rare among many of today’s impersonal, money driven ventures.

There’s a lot of Competition in this Niche. Isn’t there?

Even though there are already numerous ‘authority sites’ online covering men’s issues there are very few that cater solely for men in midlife transition. Our target audience is simply that; middle-aged, male, between the ages of 40 to 65 years.

Topical areas covered include Health, Finance, Relationships, Lifestyles, Breaking News, and more. Follow the links below to view samples of our pages (all links will open in a new tab).

The Post Page | The Slideshow | The News Pages | The Community Forum

In order to develop this project further and in a timely manner, we are looking for a single site sponsor/partner. This is so we can host 50ish.org on a better, faster server and employ more professional writers so that we are able to continue to add valuable and respected content for the site’s visitors and members alike.

The Partnership Proposal

Ideally, we are looking for a partner that commits long-term. The longer the agreement, the more favourable the fee shall be for that commitment. In return, the sponsor will get high profile banner(s) and or text ads on each and every page site-wide. Also, as each new quality article is published, so will the sponsor’s chosen banners or text ads be added to those new pages. Currently we have between 8-10 new posts uploaded each month. The future goal is to aim for between 15 and 20 new and unique articles per month – and potentially more.

In addition to the above, and subject to agreement, a sponsor may also want to look at the promotion of their products and or services in the 50ish forums as part of any arrangement.

Please note that any sponsor/partner will have to promote a product, service, or both, that are in fitting with the site. Certain pharmaceuticals, gambling, or pornography etc, will not be considered for this project.

What’s the current Popularity of the 50ish.org?

Most of 2011 was focused on building and working on the site’s theme and direction, so our visitor numbers are not as high as we’d like. Obviously visitor numbers are climbing continually and will continue to grow as the site publishes new content. In fact our stats indicate a doubling of visitors over the past 6 months alone, and the trend is up.

I might be interested. How can I contact you to discuss this further?

If you think a partnership with this project could benefit you, please first take your time to look around the site and its pages before asking about sponsorship fees or putting forward any proposals of your own that you may have. If you are genuinely interested in becoming a part of this exciting community, then please contact me using the link below.

Please also look at this as a long term commitment if you are willing and able to do so. The main reason for this is because it will take some time to integrate a sponsor presence site-wide. Additionally, the other benefit of long-term commitment is that if the site sky-rockets into one with incredibly high numbers of targeted visitors, the sponsor fee will be fixed for the duration of the agreed contract, regardless of any increase in popularity.

About the Founder and Webmaster of 50ish

Andy AitchMy name is Andy Aitch. I’m 51 years old and the founder and webmaster of 50ish.org. I’ve been online for about 9 years now, and have hand built and run something like 35 websites in all, with this one being my primary focus for 2013 and beyond. This is not a hobby site, but a passion that I hope will offer a great free service and community to all who arrive here.

I am now committed to working on 50ish.org every day, 7 days a week for the foreseeable future. I’m also extremely easy to get hold of should communication be required at any time about anything.

Still interested? Please contact me here should you have any further questions and or suggestions about partnering with 50ish.org in 2013.

Best regards

Andy Aitch (Founder and webmaster of 50ish.org)

PS – Please only contact us if you are genuinely interested in a ‘potential’ partnership with 50ish.org


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