Pot Bellied Men could be Restricting Blood Flow to the Brain

New findings indicate that men with jelly bellies might not be as smart as those who are not suffering with abdominal fat, and it’s all to do with how much blood is flowing to the brain.

If you’re a man with a tubby tummy and have a condition known as metabolic syndrome (it’s estimated that 40 percent of people over the age of 50 in western countries have the condition), then you could be depriving your brain by up to 15% less blood flow compared to a man that doesn’t have the syndrome (see video right).

This new study was presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (the world’s largest gathering of dementia researchers).

What does it all mean?

Put simply, restricted blood flow can make a man dimmer, or mentally slower for want of a better term, than a man that has normal blood flow to his brain.

Although more research is required to find out exactly why men with metabolic syndrome have this reduction in blood flowing to the brain, the tests that have been carried out so far seem to confirm that those who do are not as sharp as those who don’t.

Is there a solution?

Like most health issues related to obesity, the best thing a man can do is to slim down and embrace a healthier lifestyle, wherever possible. More here on this story.

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