Mature Men are FOOLS if they don’t listen to this Female Blogger

Susan Kim is one of the co-founders and a site contributor for mojo40 (a career advice site dedicated to helping the over 40’s get plugged back into modern society), and she’s got some advice for those middle-aged men at risk of becoming invisible has-beens.

Many a man could do worse things than listening to their womenfolk, especially on matters of dress and social conduct, though let’s not assume everyone is of the same mindset 😉

So where is the 40+ male going wrong in the eyes of the more confident twenty-first century women? Here’s one observation entitled:

How to avoid being a Latent Idiot in Midlife

There are just 7 quick tips according to mojo40, that will bring any man back from the shadows and into the light. They are, in no particular order:

  1. Get a decent blazer (It’ll most likely outlive you anyway, so make it a goodie)
  2. Smile, or smile more often.
  3. Update your glasses, if you wear them.
  4. Sort your hair out, if you’ve got any!
  5. Diversify your friendships.
  6. Speak less, and listen more (especially to women).
  7. Tone up and stop flopping!

It’s somewhat surprising why Susan failed to mention footwear on her list. After all, aren’t women supposed to be able to tell a man by the shoes on his feet?

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Readers Comments

    Ted says:

    Typical left wing feminist bully, that’s how Susan Kim comes across. I bet she’s single!!! Women dress like men do these days but you don’t hear us giving them advice on fashion and poise, even though the sodding lot of them could use it.

    Here are my 7 tips for her and her lot:

    1.Start wearing clothes that make women look like a woman
    2.Smile, or smile more often.
    3.Update your glasses, if you wear them.
    4.Sort your hair out, if it’s not too much trouble?
    5.Diversify your friendships, if that’s possible?
    6.Speak less, and listen more (especially to men).
    7.Tone up and stop flopping!

    There, how does that sound?

      WHYnow says:

      that sounds perfectly reasonable to me!

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