Modern Day Men Failing in Modern Day Workplace

Research has revealed that men are failing today because they are unable to sit still and focus on tasks in the modern working environment . This does not mean men aren’t striving to do well, because they are. But it highlights a somewhat stuck-in-the-mud approach to success, and the older they are, the harder it is to adapt, so it seems.

The study was conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

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Rejected ManSo What’s Changed?

Not the man, that’s for sure. It’s the workplace. And the types of jobs we do now. They’re a far cry from the places we used to work and the jobs we once did, especially in the developed world.

It appears that many men are still focused on the male dominant methodology. This may have worked once, but not any more. In the prevailing workplace, machoism is OUT and emotional sensitivity and awareness is IN.

Grim Stats on America’s 21st Century Man

  • Only 40% of BA and MA degrees now go to men
  • Lower skills & qualifications sees an increase in men dropping out of the labor force
  • Literally millions of men are collecting disability allowances.
  • Those who have good jobs are performing poorly in today’s world.
  • Annual earnings for men (in their prime), have dropped by 28 percent over 40 years
  • Young women are now out-earning young men

The list could go on, but you can see that the trend for men is not looking very positive.

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Women, unlike their male counterparts, have adjusted and adapted their attitude, approach, and expectations. As a result they are fulfilling their ambitions with far greater ease than the now struggling male, where a growing number seem to be accepting failure as part of their fate, according to the study. Just a generation or so ago, failure was not part of a man’s vocabulary, especially those from the USA.

Failure is success if we learn from it ~ Malcolm Forbes

Is this the Beginning of the End for Male Dominance?

Because women have been suppressed (for want of a better word), they now possess this eager ambition, a desire to succeed, and zest for all things new now that they have become freed from the shackles of clampdown.

The world’s a changing, and men aren’t moving with the times. Women are more fluid whereas men are likely to be more rigid. This is according to Hanna Rosin, in a book she’s written called “The End of Men”.

Not Enough Househusbands – Yet!

House HusbandThe very top jobs in corporate America, and other countries, are still largely dominated by men. This isn’t because there’s a lack of suitable women, but more to do with women taking time off to have kids and raise a family, therefore making them less available for such senior positions.

Even so, as men give up on the workplace, role swapping becomes the new norm. The growing number of ‘househusbands‘ means we’ll see more women climbing up the corporate ladder in the coming years.

So there will soon be more of him, not her, calling out; “Had a nice day at the office dear”, as she crosses the threshold following a busy day in the company hot seat.

If we view these transformations from how things have always been to the way things are heading, then in the traditional sense, women are now becoming more like men than men themselves. And men, well, it’s not yet clear what men are evolving into, but if you have any thoughts on this, we’d love to read your comments 😉

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Readers Comments

    Jack as jenny says:

    My wife is too good. She even earn more. As time goes by, I become more and more submissive. One day, she ordered me to wear her skirt when my pans / trousers are all wet.Just once as a start off, I was ordered to wear skirt while we were home alone. SHe warned me. Obey or she will made me wear skirts and drop me at town centre to walk back.

      Andy Aitch says:

      I’m not sure quite what to make of your comments Jack LOL But I’m sure there will be a few reading here that envy your situation 😉 You might also like to read the post entitled” Mr. Henpecked 😉


    MrUglyMug says:

    I think me today are lazier than they used to be. Maybe technology is to blame.

    Graham says:

    I think one of the main reasons men are failing in the workplace is that they feel intimidated by the women. It’s perhaps time that both genders sat down together and ironed out a few grievances.

    Only last month I was having my lunch break reading a motorcycle magazine when a female supervisor came up to me and said something about how it was very macho of me to be reading about such things. I mean, WTF? Am I to apologize now for liking big bikes?

    Another thing I notice is how many sexist jokes there are by women towards men, but if the man attempts such humour then he’s asking for big trouble.

    And finally, we men tend to be treading on eggshells once a month around certain women, and no one have to do that during the working day.

    Okay, that’s my rant over. I’m not anti-women, in fact I’m very happily married for over 26 years. I’m just trying to say it how it appears to me and my male work colleagues as more men and women are working together now than at any time ever before.

    Thanks – Graham

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