Today’s Man is lacking in Marital Skills

Angry HusbandMen in long-term relationships that are going a bit sour, might want to read our top 10 tips on how to keep your sweetheart sweet. If you’re already as happy as Larry and forever in your partner’s good books, then you won’t want to read down any further than here.

When Men Change the way they look at things,
the things Men look at Change

Various reports over the years have found that older men are often discontented with their marriage yet very few speak out or try to find ways to fix things. It’s easy for partners to blame one another for any discord in the home, but sometimes a few adjustments by the man can create a lot of positive changes.

After doing a little research we found a few ‘DON’T Dos‘, that when flouted really do piss off the partner. And if she hasn’t said anything, don’t, whatever you do, think she doesn’t mind, because she bloody well does – apparently!

Henpecked HusbandPeace-keeper or Henpecked to Hell?

Men around 50ish tend to go along with stuff they secretly object to just to keep harmony in the home. Others simply do as they’re told, or else! Either or, both of the above constitute a typical henpecked man, but men fearing their female partners is not a new phenomenon.

It often looks as though the western male (principally the older man somewhat stuck in his ways), is walking on eggshells wearing slippers made of lead around his own home, but why? Just so he can avoid marital mayhem!

Still, if he’s happy going long with the lady’s flow because it makes his life easier, then so be it.

Men, STAND BY YOUR BEDS! The 50ish Top 10 ‘DON’T Dos’ to the Rescue

The list below does indeed make for a very trivial read. Nevertheless, it’s often said that the little things in this life make the biggest difference. So on that note, let’s see what it is that’s infuriating our ‘better halves’.

1.) DON’T sulk after an argument (the silence is definitely not golden).

2.) DON’T, whatever you do, ignore her new haircut when she returns from the salon.

3.) DON’T leave the toilet door open while pooping (especially the morning after a binge)

4.) DON’T eff and blind all the time, just because you can, especially in front of guests.

5.) DON’T promise to do a job around the house that you know will never get done.

6.) DON’T find faults with the lady when there is plenty still to praise.

7.) DON’T fart out loud just because you’re comfortable doing so. Definitely don’t laugh!

8.) DON’T belch during a meal.

9.) DON’T walk away while she’s taking to you, even if it’s a nag.

and finally…

10.) DON’T ask if it’s that ‘Time of The Month‘ whenever there’s a domestic dispute.

And there you have it, the 50ish top 10 tips on what not to do if you want a little more harmony in the home. If you do any of the above, and suddenly stop, the quality of life between those 4 walls of yours will definitely take a turn for the better.

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