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There are far too many middle-aged guys out there that are lonely beyond belief. There are also a good number of men out there who are alone. Being alone, and being lonely, is not the same thing. Some men are perfectly happy and at ease with being by themselves. Others may crack if they are without company for too long.

The Midlife Relationships Crisis

Not all men experiencing midlife crisis are chasing women half their age, or younger! But an awful lot of guys in their 40s, 50’s and 60s, often feel redundant, unloved, and unwanted, even if, in reality, they are none of the above.

Sometimes a man just needs a companion. Other times a lover. But what most men don’t need in middle-age is isolation, yet that’s what a lot of them feel at this stage of their life, even if they’re in a monogamous relationship of many years.

The 3 Principles to Happy, healthy Relationships are:

  1. Know who you are and what you want in a relationship
  2. Commit to the relationship, not the person
  3. Communicate openly and honestly .

It is the first principle that a lot of guys in midlife transition have problems comprehending, particularly those that have gone through a lengthy and bitter divorce or separation.

Other Types of Relationships

Good interpersonal relations are fundamental to maintaining good physical wellbeing. Getting on with others, no matter where they fit into the loop, will have a direct negative or positive impact on life and lifestyle, dependent on how they are managed.

“The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of your relationships.” ~ Anthony Robbins

It is the purpose of the 50ish ‘Relationships’ index to list articles, news, and resources on all aspects of relationship – problems and solutions – pertaining to middle aged men living in the twenty-first century.

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Men Discovering New Relationships in Mid-life

Do Men Understand Women? It depends on who you ask. Younger generations are more in touch with women and their mindset than we older guys, who usually haven’t got a clue what they want or what they’re talking about.

Abused-husbands: It might not have be talked about much in the past, but husband abuse is on the rise. Men are getting battered by their spouse, and until recently little was known about the extent of violent wives.

Heterosexual Men Falling for Thai Ladyboys: So what is it about Asian Katoeys that has straight middle-aged guys batting for the other side? Although most say they’re neither gay nor bi even if their new love has got all his tackle.

Are you a Henpecked Hubby? And if so, why do you allow it? Is this passive role in a marriage really what holds it together, or are men really the new women in the twenty-first century. Read and decide for yourself.

Why do Men Cheat? Mores to the point, why do those who are supposedly happily married cheat on their partners. Well, in this post, men themselves give us 10 of their most common reasons.

6 Questions for God: Men who don’t believe in God do so because they think there are just too many unanswered questions. Here are our 6 BIG ones if we had the opportunity. What would you and him?

Everyone Knows and Know-all: Barstool Bob, armchair critic, call him what you will, but these types share one thing in common. They have this invisible soapbox from where they preach their views to anyone and everyone within earshot.

Do Thai Women Really Prefer Older Western Men? The honest answer is yes, many of them do, though not all of course. The reason is that older men are more stable, and sincere than the young buck studs of their own age and race.

Older Man Younger & Woman Relationships: Can they really work out okay? In our very first Hot Seat Interview here at 50ish.org, 63 year old Scottish born Robert Cunningham seems to think they can.

Man’s Fascination with Breasts: Many women will argue that when it comes so feeding their babies, breast is best. Many men will argue that breast is still best at any age. Here we explain the lure of a woman’s shoulder boulders.

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Here at 50ish.org, our articles and resources on Midlife Relationships will continue to grow over time.

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