Sex Tips for Men of Middle-age (and older)

A healthy sex life at or after middle age requires keeping up the equipment, as every guy will find out. The man’s tackle needed for a healthy, active, and enjoyable sex life, as he ages, requires a bit of practice to make perfect.

Bedtime tipsIt ain’t over till the Fat Lady Sings!

A loss of sex drive and the need for physical intimacy might be acceptable to some folks as they mature, but there are millions of men in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and older, that perish the thought of dwindling sexual relations at or after middle age.

Cutting Out the Fat

Men often notice, but don’t do anything about, a very literal shrinkage of the penis. The male genital organ is not a muscle that has to be exercised, exactly, but both the flaccid and erect penis can shrink with age. One reason for this can involve testosterone.

Testosterone and Estrogen Explained

The testes (inside the testicles) will make less testosterone as a man ages. However, that is only part of the problem. Fat cells convert testosterone into estrogen. Fat cells in the buttocks convert testosterone into estrogen 10 times faster than fat cells around the waistline.

This means that not only does an overhanging belly and a fat butt make a penis look smaller by comparison, extra body fat can make the male organ smaller in absolute terms.

So perhaps the first priority for men in keeping their equipment in good order is by avoiding a beer belly and lardy butt. The hops in beer contains phytoestrogens that encourage the deposit of fat in the breasts and buttocks. If you don’t want “beer drinker’s droop,” keep your beer consumption to a minimum. Other sources of beverage alcohol do not have this effect.

Sexercise for the Fifty-something Man

Another way men can improve their sex lives, and make sex more fun for their partners, too, is to practice greater control over climax.

When you are younger, it’s all about how fast and how much. When you are older, it is more to do with how long you can keep it up than it is about another notch on your belt. But how does man increase his staying power?

Thailand’s master sexologist, Mantak Chia, explains it this way. The older a man gets, the more important it is to practice sex without ejaculation. The ability to stop ejaculation builds up literal muscle in the groin that develops the ability to keep blood in the erect penis.

You can stop ejaculation by forcing the anal sphincter (The rings of muscle around the anus that give bowel control), closed during sex.

The Peeing Exercise

Of course, men in straight relationships don’t typically think about their anal sphincters in any kind of positive way during sex with a woman. There is another way to build up the muscles that help you go longer and stronger. Practice starting and stopping your flow of urine when you pee. This also builds up the muscles you need to keep erections strong.

Can Ejaculation be Bad for an Ageing Man’s Health

There is an ancient and extensive literature of Asian sexual techniques that teaches that ‘leakage’ of semen contributes to bad health in men. The traditional teaching is that a man should not ejaculate at all after the age of 60.There’s nothing in a scientific understanding of sex in men, however, that indicates that ejaculation and of itself is the problem.

There is even evidence that regular ejaculation helps to keep the prostate healthy. But the ability to hold an ejaculation develops enormous strength in erections and ejaculations that men can’t develop any other way.

What about Extenders?

If you live in the USA and you watch television after 10 in the evening, there is a very high probability that you can have seen ads for ‘penis extending’ products. We don’t want to get sued so we don’t have anything to say about them. However, the way a real penis extender works is by keeping up your levels of testosterone.

It’s possible to do that with testosterone injections or testosterone patches, but if your testes are still functional, it’s also possible to maintain testosterone levels by taking a passionflower extract (not by drinking passion fruit juice), called chrysin.

The value of chrysin is keeping testosterone from breaking down from its active form. This doesn’t add testosterone to your system, it just keeps it available longer so you can get stronger and stay in the game without taking products of questionable value.

Oddly enough, many sexual performance problems in older men don’t tend to exist should he be in a relationship with a much younger woman, but that’s something for another article ;).

Summary: knowing how to maintain a healthy sex life at or after middle age takes a little effort, education, and imagination, but it can be done, and it can be fulfilling so long as you desire it enough to try.

BY ROBERT RISTER | 50ish Site Contributor
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Readers Comments

    Shimon Pearson says:

    Even middle-aged men can have a good sex life if they have fit and healthy body.

      Hank says:

      What utter rubbish! I’m what many might call fat, bald, and ugly but I enjoy a great sex life at 58 thank you very much. Never heard such nonsense!

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