Old Geezer Radio, the Online Talk Show for Men

Old Geezer Radio is an exciting new project set up by mature men for guys of middle-age and older. Its sole purpose is to offer entertaining, diverse and intelligent conversation on issues that matter to us. Old Geezer host, Neil Kinsey Fagan, explains more.

Welcome to the all New Old Geezer Radio Broadcast for Men

Old Geezer RadioThe Old Geezer Radio broadcast has been set up to give all of us a voice. Time and time again we see on the news or in the press, reports that quite frankly beggar belief.

bullet multi colorWelcome to Old Geezer Radio. (OGR)

There was a time when people believed that with age came knowledge and experience. That seems to have been superseded with a notion that only youth has the answers!

Neither way is the right way, however. In our view it would appear that society has started to marginalise anybody over the age of 50 and seems to totally disregard anyone who has had the audacity to retire.

We of a more mature age have a vast knowledge. We have experienced more, lived through more and learned valuable lessons by mistakes made along the way.

Meet the Hosts at Old Geezer Radio (click images to enlarge)

Neil Louise Barry Geoff Will Terry
Neil | Old Geezer Radio Louise | Old Geezer Radio Barry | Old Geezer Radio Geoff | Old Geezer Radio Will | Old Geezer Radio Terry | Old Geezer Radio

Let’s HAVE A VOICE, let’s BE HEARD, and let us go into our twilight years with HUMOUR, DIGNITY and RESPECTFUL RAGE 😉

Article Published and formatted by Andy Aitch – Webmaster of 50ish.org
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Readers Comments

    Randy says:

    Hey man I just listened to a Sunday update. Great stuff 🙂

    Skinnyribs50 says:

    What a great concept. Will be listening to some of the archived podcasts this weekend.

    Denny says:

    I think this is going to be good.

    Andy Aitch says:

    It’s often said that 50 is the new 40 and that middle-aged starts later than it used to because of attitudes, outlook, and of course longevity. That said, a lot of western societies tend to think guys over a certain age have got one foot firmly in the grave, and they would be less of a nuisance if they were simply put out to pasture – but hey – we’re not dead yet!

    Some may even ague that older men who find themselves unemployed and home alone, for whatever reasons, are insignificant and any opinions they may have on the world and its peoples should be kept firmly to themselves.

    But here’s the thing; we’re a long time old, and the latest research suggests that 50 percent of all babies born in 2013 will live for a hundred plus years. So not only are we going to be older for longer, but there’s going to be a lot more of us too. So it’s vital that we have our voices heard if life is to have any value and meaning.

    Thanks to projects like 50ish.org and Old Geezer Radio, that voice is now starting to materialise 😉

    Andy Aitch (Webmaster)

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